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Beyond the Postmodern Art of Dream Reading as Metaphors for Theoretical Physics

Beyond the Postmodern Art of Dream Reading
as Metaphors for Theoretical Physics

L. Edgar Otto   23 May, 2012

There is a suggestion, one of many new concepts that are bound to unfold as we reach a more demanding and sophisticated scope of cosmology, that in the expansion of the universe the optimum time to view information from the origins of the universe is the big bang plus 500 million years.

I myself have suggested an other or higher center in space or time than this model that assumes the big bang and any idea of inflation, cycles or expansion- those are the hidden assumptions accepted as fact of the development of universe.

Yes, there are critical changes of state such as the lighting up of the first stars or the idea that matter, that we see, is a small part of matter and antimatter annihilation in that still unexplained theory as the consensus of the science community sees it.  We know for example that within the range of a single galaxy there is enough entropy for life to arise.  My critical center where things appear to light up simultaneously in the non-simultaneous universe models was closer to the quasar era which can imply a creative hierarchy of such entities to arrange in some intelligible view.  But in general stereonometry there really is no privileged general theory for such quasifinite laws can be those of non necessity.

Similar to this is the idea of little dark matter in our local galaxy announced last week but now corrected where it may be more abundant then we imagined- so why do we not see the wimps?  Even if this is a form of matter it is not clear these can be seen and are not rather an artifact of vacua principles.  The alternatives are alive and well and are matters of both religious like wars on the nature of the core of cosmogony- these are also a paradox of the prisoners dilemma where when things repeat cooperation may not be the best bet.  Justice is not served as just a deal or gamble, we could say "thy shall not plea bargain with the Lord thy God."  But the trolls want their power and bigger things and offer knots and riddles on the toll bridges of freedom and wisdom.

Some imagine the interpretation of dreams like all our awaken see of words and symbols are crumpled and reduced to a ball like a sheet of newspaper- can we not see that in looking back at some optimum state of expansion of the universe the very process changes or loses the information?  What do we get (from the postmodern art view) but a collage of words of which strung together have a logic of their own, combinations that can make sense, be but confabulations, contain hidden meaning perhaps or is a disintegration of sensible ideas to a mangled surface?

To such a view, deconstruction of all words maybe, we arrive at a once only work of art such as the cutting of strips of metal as a mobius strip.  All falls into the gravity down to be but waste on the ground, so it is with the general assumption of turning reason on its head then undermining reason itself as if to explain things by such entropy even if we have to unravel the core of atoms or the context of dreaming itself.

I see a better model of our dream and mental state in this metaphor by a young lady in the coffee shop with a contribution to the university creative writing and art publication.  It consists of a book where all the words but each one is cut from a page but in sequence you can read the entire poem.  She, by the way and the reasons are not known if any, is a cutter with many superficial scars on her arm and leg.  She says she has been "good" for awhile now, meaning I imagine what she sees as bad behavior rather than say as in others I have known, a deep sense of shame.

Her artistic contribution is the drawing of such a book with a big hole in the center of it from which flows out parts of whole sentences.  She does not realize the number of times the word cut appears.  She does not realize that she has said other places she wishes she could just jump into the great hole that is within her, her dream I imagine.

But is that not the nature of a dream, perhaps empty, perhaps a structured vacuum...? There is a sculpture this year for display and tours in the city stress of a lady half way diving into water with splashing bronze droplets- is she going deep below to something on the other side of a mirror surface or is she vanishing?  There is a stray droplet that comes up in reaction, should we speed up the picture or drop it on a steeply inclined plane- we do not always vanish over night but have parts awhile that survive such vanishing that for all the forces in the world in all directions equal at some surface the full or empty place beyond the mirror we can only imagine the measure so reduced to what we can feel and see.

I know that our surfaces can touch at a distance so as to feel the depth of the cut or what another feels (including the what they feel of the rush in their minds if you do not come too close as to be sucked up in it) otherwise no one would need the better bonding with another when so caught up in the private dream of all there is of one self.  Even near another in the same town, in the same sea of promiscuous paths of star encounters of a galaxy, they may as well be a million miles away. Yes, we can define orgasm as mechanism, or most anything materially this way, short range FM frequency but this can be amplified between people, this can be enhanced also by the expanding addictions in the race of hidden forces negative.

As I said a few posts back, we are in each others skin and yet we are not.  As a metaphor at least it is clear that our skin cells can be set to renew and regenerate our heats.

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