Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quasi-unique Universes

L. Edgar Otto  08 May, 2012

In the quasi-unique universe how many copies in actuality are there at any one time in a universe or in one distinct individual- at least three can be so coexistent in parallel as if the universe in the end pays for this excess of generational development of its structures.

But in that the universe may be complete as the best of all unique states it so contains in the sense of all the designs or geometries of physics, are all the potential combinations that describe a unique individual realized, or how many as unique in a quasi-finite continuum?  Where is the significant boundary that would determine in matters of uniqueness of stereonometry, that is a more general higher difference in the stereonometry as the quasic question, that we can say this is a new state as a fact of individuality if the intention is to maximize the history of  all possible beings as if imagined in the mind of a God and expressed, perhaps in a winkling of an eye, in the universe as His body.  What about the souls that might have been if this is to be but once more so than those who are to be redeemed by so many looping chances?

How much lesser a design of creation more so than that of the Big Bang to the Steady State would be the universe of singular souls of which we among the earth creatures seem to have elaborated and imagined best.

That said, in the purpose and paths and directions of light, even as a quantum logic, where are the slit experiments that can in thought be imagined as Three?

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The occasion of this short post was that it took me a little bit longer than usual to make sense of a dream, that it contained something significant other than some sense of the hypnotic effect like closing your eyes to see the white strips on the road after a long night drive, or when I made all the marshmallow and toothpick, spaghetti structures in three space to continue it in my dreams.  How else would it be that upon starting a new word document with not idea in mind the ideas flow and I half want to not face such work for awhile so why begin. However, I think I should try now to get a better understand of the standard math of measurements so should spend some time with the books.

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