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Procol Harum a Way Out or No Exit

Procol Harum a Way Out or No Exit

The Quasic Branes and Wormholes Equivalent in Various Interconnections between Representations of Singularities

(and a Way out beyond the Boundaries of the Intelligible Omnium to New Creative Unknowns as the issues of Consciousness adds qualitative dimension to total theory to distinguish their intelligibility as if the paradoxes of as Super Gauges connected or not in a sea of multiple yet distinct Branes)

L. Edgar Otto
  06 May, 2012

In some ways these creative and scientific speculations justify the social environment albeit reduced, between sentient beings as a model, one that goes beyond the mysticism that all things are connected or a sea of many things my exist and absolutely not be connected. Nor by tricks of folding or traveling thru some hierarchy or through the maximum or average design of dimensions and symmetry in time as a macro or micro phenomenon, beyond the then meaningless distinction of the local and non local.  Perhaps beyond the distinction of depths and space intelligible as a sort of higher gauge theory to these sparks of consciousness on the surface of all the variations and facts in some organism or mind of extended singularities a the mouths and wormholes.

In the debate on such speculations could one not suggest that the measure of pseudo-science if it is (as Lubos says) the understanding of gauge theory- and what about the applications of Weyl's gauges as such down to earth limits of our conceptions?- that true wisdom concerns these higher super gauges beyond the supersymmetry?

Has not our wisdom, and as a general principle of science it is not wise to assume we know everything, been a progressive expanding of what we imagine as the extent of the universe- far from it once being earth bound with questions of celestial orbs as if something absolutely solid and set in the spinning dervishes in circles by unseen hands?  Yet even in this fiery realm as if the source of imagined fire we can ask in a higher sense even of ourselves who is the dancer?

If for example there is a dialectic, one standard science has not reached some point of consideration, something that is new regardless of if real that awaits us in the perhaps limitless spans of the unknown (so to perhaps the joy of the idea and not the despair in spirit that primes reach to infinity) that as we negotiate the view of the hierarchy of continua the formulations there as fundamental could be seen as debate as to which is primary as the physics pendulum swings- The view of things as Pitkanen's TGD or the Quasic phenomenology.  Meanwhile the strings as a pure reduction toying with the idea of distinct multiplicity or unity of branes is content as intelligible in its disembodiment that as such seems the reality.  But once we imagine two distinct ends and assign to them some values of physics we raise these core issues of foundations and generalizations again.

This is not of course to say that either of our total theories are the only answers possible, just in the proximity of our spacious presence and apparently shared directions of enquirey.  We are drawn to the new by default, the question is to what extent as it is for us new is it truly a breakthrough?

We can and have imagined, as if given wide enough space and time that the configurations of atoms will repeat and so all possible ones, all information encoded and accessible as a difference in lengths in cosmic circle, the highest and the deepest wormhole mouth rim or that still quasi patterned pure number that is a shape shifter we call pi, a unity in its randomness intrinsically.

Even in the quantum world we imagine some other soul as if the same one as all the electrons or monopoles but the one who sits contemplating the sun set (so one of our quantum theorist once made as an allegory of our past as a cave man and felt the difference yet reluctance of it- as if memories of past lives or in the post modern and new age view this sort of thing as a realization of principle perhaps a better anthropology for some do feel that one is needed.  So we say that somewhere out there we find copies or near copies of ourselves in all variations that may somehow be equally real or our one reality in the moment as others are but shadows.

The role of a generalization of the debate on consciousness in that it adds a qualitative dimension to the complexity of all models would have a similar analog.  For we can imagine in the depths as well, in the impossible spacious singularities that approach the real as vacua, even as if copies of all things in our own minds overt or hidden, we exist in some parallel place that could be the center and yet this could be true even if in all of our observable cosmos there are no such copies.  This makes our universe a little wider indeed and explains some of our thoughts on travels as if the real in our dreams as well the general coherence of mind closely related to the dance of seeming purposes in the levels of the DNA.  But it is not clear that reasoning about the base symmetries of the five fold honeycombs, generalized as some do such generalizations already and abstractly is itself something that can be transcended in reality.  As Pitkanen suggests it is perhaps here in these differences as a conception of general space that we begin to understand the depths and span of our consciousness. 

In effect we exceed ordinality and cardinality and if nothing else that makes the world a more interesting place even if part of the picture is an enticement or entrapment as illogical.  Still, as the reality of ideology and politics in the social setting is not how things should be explained anyway? It comes down to some extent to the individual as if running a marathon for fellowship or the personal health of the whole.  Yet if we focus on a specific runner- she is as if caught into herself and all we see is the message on her surface perhaps to fit in, perhaps to make some irreversible commitment of her running gear, and her shoulder tattoos.
Without some sense of wisdom or expectations of what to the state or philosophy of the day it is not so much a struggle between individuals and society as it is a struggle to be in one unique mindset and body as if society could be understood as a system, even one of this higher consciousness and physics model.

We are like the birds going distinct in the volcanic isles of Hawaii, unaware of the fall to vanishing, falling prey to invasive species and diseases, perhaps other than the lineage only left as a record the lowest level of our gene code.  Yet instinctively life force may have dealt with this before and may do so again on all such levels or may imagine the situation rehearsed before the fact as new wrinkles in the space and time arise from design again.

Do we all dance and keep the same step in the depths of our dreams so make a powerful and creative voice and at last where we imagine the higher being is our voice at one or as real as Him?  Dialectics and Projections are the darlings of philosophy sometimes over the ages but these too show today's philosophy is but a beginning, not quite enough as powerful as it is.  Few have matured in thought beyond them, but for all who take to thought these are the necessary negative moments of stages if we are to accrue wisdom and perhaps the doorways or opening of caves that could be a way out or a dead end to our learning and experience of wisdom.

As science this wider grounding which seems to come closer to what is consciousness, while other sentient phenomena like subjective time or memory is more like the issues of the continua of communications, dynamics more than pattern of which human philosophy seems to lead the way with its cloaks and mirrors as if grounding the absurd but physical paradoxes of teleology.

In this respect, as it is part of the bigger picture, we may forgive those who deal with physics as theory, such as Hawking, who declare after hard insights that we have reached a sort of end to knowledge in this generation where after all the light from some beginning seems to have reached us racing through the totality of a finite but boundless universe (or as Hoyle would say from the core of our sun on the same time scale) for we might add one qualification of which it should be assumed as common knowledge- and as certain as when we speak of the contributions of fellow bloggers for such cooperative ventures the documentation is generally known and in the running into an endless extent or cycles of the hippodrome it is the path of parallels and symmetry of which we cherish with our record and attention, and confirmation of the purpose as was our results or intentions- that qualification seems to me to be- if the standard theory is the highest fact then indeed we, as unlikely as it may be in our winning the priceless lottery of life in the least of its experience or the will when it is sacrificed or thrown away, then yes in a sense we know everything.

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