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Shadow Initiators and Terminators in Quasic Super-symmetry

Shadow Initiators and Terminators in Quasic Super-symmetry

L. Edgar Otto    13 May, 2012

The theme today seems rather conceptually difficult for it is part of the general concepts that are so close in our various theories and yet in themselves they are not part of a complete theory.  In that some statements are made as if a matter of intuition concerning these things, suspected links- well, I have had this theory developing for half a century now and myself in first exuberance of intuitions have made such surface depth of  vague intuitive connections.  I see all the small steps with great import coming slowly from this generation which is something considering how long we have been in the doldrums and I had to wait, as if these are great steps.  Yet the great and grand step seems to elude us all.

So I critique today, with but part of a sense of rigor those wide theories that  take for its grounding ideas of information and binary representations of number.  I see someone made a connection between E8 as a theory of everything and feels it relates to "string theory".   I chose that part of such theories because it existed already as a total theory and one of information in the quasic space formulation.

Perhaps with such partial and incomplete theories of something that can be shown more general, fundamental, and complete can at last show others the significance of the quasic ideas and then see just how far they are ahead of the pack with the hope it advances our general understanding more rapidly.

I hope also my analysis of such theories will help make clear to others involved to make breakthroughs in their own original directions of which well all have some pretty good new starts.

It is all too easy for some property of numbers, taking without philosophical or foundational context, to be empty as if that is the definition of any sort of information or natural law.  As such it puts a barrier to easy grasping and learning of such theories which are really invisible to the learner because they are grounded in nothing of but trivial consequence or maybe just plain wrong or irrelevant to any meaning or context,  This sort of triviality can build a very large edifice and be like a priest who lost his faith but still goes through the ritual for such as healing can be the self faith in others and  thus we use the idea of placebo as the fault also of those who would work against some priesthood, especially if they do not have sufficient wisdom or power to counter the myths and lies - yet, there are some sacred priesthoods that in actuality are authentic and serve civilizations highest purposes.

[if the above appears smug or like bragging it is not directed at or caused by anyone on line-  there are great interruptions and noise and threats of violence, and throwing up from the transients- I simply have to find a way to move, while I respect the privacy of how others live I simply cannot let them not give equal respect.  worse there is no reasoning with them they will recall in the morning.  But if anyone is at fault here other than stupid people saying it is my fault for doing business with disabled people and they promoting prescription drugs and now allowing them to grow up a bit- I blame our socially retarded state.]

I will add two photos I took on the way to the coffee shop too busy on Mother's day to take up a space for this post.  I did read a response from Leo on Gibbs blog outside by the river to test the reception.  So I add our shared initials LEO although I am a Scorpio actually.  put letters in signal flags and was reminded of the Leo galaxies nearby and what issues there are with the general structure of galaxies say in relation to dark matter data lately. Just a token of the recognition of such work and thoughts of others.

And from someones dashboard quite a collection of bunnies I call  Fibonacci Wept- these issues of replication even of a concept like baby universes and symmetry breaking and a note I received once on the philosophy blog describing the imagined link between the last digits of the first few primes that are not divisible (as in my patterns) by 2, 3, and 5 in relation to "string theory" and E8.  again similar patterns of our directions of enquirey. Leo did say on his link the Bell was the Bell of the theorem- which it is most interesting to think at the statistics and slit experiments that show non-locality and so on are more fundamentally a system of these sort of quasic grids than ironclad in our quantum theories.

Another photo is of an old hot rod low rider hobby auto with a dangling ornament of a hula girl.  The engine, the mechanism under the hood is shiny chrome and clean, as if we want to know what is hidden under it - or just to be perhaps entranced by the mystery of theory as the romance under the grass skirt.  After all do we need to know what we are doing in such matters- did anyone really write for us a book of love?

 * * * * *
Consider then these few unordered thoughts:

* the concept of a string is that it conserves its ends when subdivided.

* strings can expand as if they have real volume or in actuality extend their properties into higher dimensions

* while the golden or Fibonacci sequences is especially significant for four space and for quasic space as the extension of dimensionality, to base ideas of broken symmetry on it even as the slowest converging irrational number is not a unique way to see or divide such physics.

* The ends, the initiator or terminator of a sequence, the direction ambiguous between quasic order of any number of internal objects and thus that of quantum jumps, or angled and shifting branes in a cyclic ekpyrotic universe, or some relation between the mouths of wormholes are the same principle of similarity of which the ultimate ends may connect or loop.

*in the game of the discrete and continuous it makes sense that there are no pure points as such and no pure strings, but there can be rays of a point and a string with an open end into potential infinity.

*binary representation of numbers or the decimal are the same thing in its intelligible properties of arithmetical operations upon conversion.

*prime numbers do obey the patterns, fractal like in the sequence of numbers but such laws can be limited to the low dimensions (for obvious geometrical reasons as counting or the dividing or an area according to such dual subdividing.

*They can expand the idea of primacy to other types of numbers such as the imaginary ones into higher space.

*they can contain a certain amount of randomness as well as fixed order with no bounds unto some transfinite consideration- but the order being most natural most naturally remains ambiguous for now but something, some higher theory can change this way to analyze things as series and sieves, cardinality is a drag on instant and beyond a view of one singularity, time, as well sub singularities such as the trans dimensionless idea of monopoles.

*The initiator is in the 25th cell of the quasic order and gird and its compliment is in the 34th- these have mirror compliments.

*the first quasic pixel or the zeroth depending on the counting can have a hierarchy of compliments or the idea of an ultimate compliment that makes a whole of such a half infinity that is a concrete idea in real structure and the real part of the zeta function is in effect the measure of the quasic grid.  Half infinity can mirror half infinity.

*certain positive series may sum to a negative one third value

*as there is a pattern of 2 and 3 and 5 and their tablecloth like fractal repetition to higher or lower instances of that pattern these are excluded from the first prime that of course add to thirty  the differences not being so much that of even or oddness of dimension in the count but of the duality of regular geometric polyhedra.  There are some other primes that can be so found, for example 17 should be such a prime
these patterns relate to the magic numbers and if I understood Pitkanen better the speculation on Mersenne primes- however, part of the inspiration that kept the idea of quasicity alive was the insight of Fermat in several areas including his study of the properties most recondite. His was also an insight geometry not just the dimensions implied by the powers of an algebra or the roots.

*I wonder if 89 in Pikanen's system is indeed a prime that shows the pattern of say the 11's in binary of golden number patterns- or is there something more than this well known fact.

*physical processes can in a sense be primary and independent of information contained in coordinate binary systems as a description of the mechanism and they can definitely be generalized to connect at some higher generalized levels.

*a prime number contains both information and meaning and as such, as unities,  it is intrinsic to entropy in extended states of some sequence that conveys messages or corrects or is confined into some range of errors and error correction.

*We might conclude from the definitions of the primes involved that our system is so many odd dimensions that do in fact imply at least the limit of eight in may contexts but we can extend the primes and quasic plane indefinitely.

*the reduction into or the excluding or addition of a diagonal in a square array for a total count is part of the structure of a space or physical process. or philosophic interpretation of the result, of the totality of an array.

*the diagonal properties can be independent of the rest of the array and can be self dual in some of its elements,'\

*a square array can be broken down into factors of any element, as from an information coordinate of four bits into that of two bits by two bits where the information is conserved.

*the subtle differences between sums and products in terms of coordinate motion can be a dialect of physical properties observed or in the background, thus in relation to logic and primes strict and casual dialectics and implications may be part of the environment of proofs or proofs by simulation from an inversion or parallel method as the privileged initial one. Or these can oscillate back and fourth.

*dynamically the question of a light flickering on or off to infinity and what is the last state of the light provided we do reach some definite end or limit and the oscillation just does not cycle indefinitely shows there is a general dynamic of unity and arithmetical functions as to expansion or reduction of spaces and action arrays unto reductions which also correspond to a natural focus of the probability and the creative or destructive conversion intrinsically of mass concepts and energy concepts.

*the wave formulation being equivalent to the matrix formulation of quantum mechanics, the latter limited to the nature of materiality while equivalent formulations dynamically as functions of empty space can apply either method distinctly to entities that behave as particles or waves and their dualism as well of compliments.

*a sequence of a useful code (useful in context or intrinsically that can result in mechanical bias as if a detector- that term in electronics that acts as a valve for the direction of half the wave-) of and in itself sets the dualism of the diagonal or array context as physical or abstract, but as a mirror these can be hidden or not in the potential action where there is a material object that detects such dynamics, identical viruses may not be viable in structure so the "life force" is intermittent or can go dormant or be amplified and awakened from empty space or time in pattern creatively.

*some things cannot translated into a message of a sequence of encoding such as this hidden information as the potential for an expression of meaning, at least in the short run- we can turn one useless message into another useful one.

*clearly, while we do not transmit a signal or message faster than the speed of light that is a sequence of information, the meaning has no such restriction of velocities or acceleration, in fact in some ways the intention as consciousness is intrinsically albeit it hidden, as if greater than light velocity.  But in a unified Euclidean and Non-Euclidean geometry these can be one place or coordinate sum or they can be an ideal limit to which the context is approached at a certain threshold to make the existential shift at such higher than quadratic event horizons.  At this threshold as a unique and individual idealized plane or sphere, that a wormhole mouth or both its ends in one place, we can distinguish them.

*it follows that such even hyperbolic entities will also have a range of self dual geometric sheets or patterns so repeated by which as in flat and spherical geometry the density of polytopal structures can be multiple in intersecting reentry.

*in matters of physicality as well as consciousness in the assigning of meaning or delineation and analysis of information from either view we have to distinguish the stereotype from the archetype, each capable of being the ground of information or the grounding of meaning.

*subjective changes or states of mind as unique over time and where there is the flow and integration over time and the dualistic oscillation and change of direction at nodes of continuity in the gauge context or the particle view in the field view applies to define a subjective archetypal or stereo uniqueness where these dual to each other are a dynamic interchange that defines a context greater than its definition as a division of such dynamics, discretely or continuously.

*that is there are more symmetries or dualism between meaning and information, particle or field, than indicated in the abstract or concrete structural contexts of initial realities in a vacuum.  For a given cell of a quasic space (not just a given cell of complex Fourier space or point of probability or zero probability point or some dimensionalization of the constant of action a number, and to some extent pure numbers, can contain absolutes of meaning or of information and in the general sense of what such symbols contain for to express in the world as a physical or even spiritual message these rolls can be interchanged- archetypes can reduce to stereotypes and vise verse, in this sense dynamically.

*and so on... to which I may come back to formally reconsider.

* * * * * * *

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