Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Informational Landscape of the Gene Code as Alternative Technology for Computation

The Informational Landscape of the Gene Code as Alternative Technology for Computation

L. Edgar Otto   22 May, 2012

I would be remiss if I did not point out the potential of two articles in science daily on which I have hinted at the overview of consequences of our tinkering with partial wisdom.  Evidently even at this level of complexity nature has a way to compensate for our errors- but it is not my intention to raise caution to what is an inevitable development anyway, only that we should consider some possibilities.  In principle tinkering with the germ cells was quite a risk, now to tinker with the code itself, internally, shows perhaps that on that level of its complexity, the simple biasing in the direction of zero or one in the signal detection, that on levels of the complexity it merely shows that the code is not everything that determines space or individuals.

Now if we can encode in a meaningful and cleaver way some amount of this independent information does it follow that some how we can access it- directly say to the mind's environment?  I ask this as a general question of physics interpretation.

Clearly, for the other article and in a physical sense between generations the epi genome level is in fashion now for its consequences as in the case of fungicides.  But as the environmental part of this picture we should still note that there are further levels and surprises in the gene and cosmic codes.  Perhaps we will eventually need some of the more obscure parts of our philosophical and creative science grounding to realize the future possibilities once we are familiar and perhaps survive this ability to influence, disrupt, or transcend our physical mechanisms of inheritance.  Some of this I have tried to discuss on the blog, objectively.

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