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The Omnium of Creative Intelligence

The Omnium of Creative Intelligence

L. Edgar Otto 06 May, 2012

Memory is a frontier consideration whether simulated in our electronics in the span of our expanding ideas or in the depth of our mind of consciousness of which the hidden design of the intelligible cosmos can see the totality as dynamic mind.

The general nature of memory is the amplification on several layers or honeycomb branes that involves structures of symmetry breaking or forming, these a question of higher concepts of entropy or how these laws symmetric and not symmetrically conceived vaguely.

If there is a quasic computer, say as in Ulla's report of nano wires, I see the possibility that if these things work as we vaguely imagine quantum computation will that here we will realize what will seem ESP between such machines of simulated intelligence. That is I can imagine such would be transmitters machine to machine or perhaps to brains to show more about the dualism of our own mental nature - if there is a distinct or smooth engagement of thought, dreams, and creativity with such a physical interface. This raises the question if it is possible, and certainly on the laboratory level could be testable, where in the various concepts of the vacuum, the aether would such transmissions occur.

If in the machine tubes, akin perhaps top our theories of microtubiles as candidates for organic structure or something happening in the chemicals between synapses including the vibration of molecules as a source of quantum or zero point energy, we sometimes personalize the machines as we do say name lesser animals or machines wiser than we. Yet in a sense it may be that within such a device the transmission acts as if it is in a closed system or only on the levels contained in the depths of itself. In that respect it would appear again to have higher human attributes, the one where it asks epistemological questions.

Programming of such machines, set as if a quantum computer to solve problems over finite time or no time over infinite paths and matrices, the focusing and integration of matrix like life force, will benefit from the generalized Euclidean methods at least as a reference skeleton. But what problems do we need it to solve, even if it can do so fast and blind by states beyond our own thinking capabilities? What short of a question we might be surprised for it to ask itself say does it have a soul that our imagination and reason have the potential if not already to solve of this world? As I said before, if the idea of supercomputers (not really as complex yet as some organic species) to solve the physics of particles- perhaps to simulate nuclear explosions and save the battle or the expense if in the intelligible design of the cosmos we have to know it already to so program the machine to do it?

These are perhaps primitive superstitions or issues of our day and in any case it seems to me that should we want to radically change the nature of our organic state, the physics of what we may be able to do will always have an edge over our limited concepts of physical machines unless of course they can handle the concepts and come up with such an original and fundamental theory and a way to implement it on its own. Surely you can imagine that the issue is not settled by our traditional and existing state of our arts of wisdom. Sentience from a more general point, and the questions of a higher unique or even recurring permanence of personality, remain as much a dynamics of rest as well as possible transcendence.

This said, of which someone somewhere in the wide universe may have said or thought before or could do so given wide enough time and room or intelligible laws and perhaps a sense that new wisdom or physical projects depend on them as part of a team or individually- a sense of what is shared or private property perhaps, I would like to suggest what could in theory be stated in the universe first as well as any growth of intellect will reach the common knowledge taking effort perhaps in the persistent recovery of previous knowledge more than the laying down or reporting of rumors of theory, history itself a concept close to memory and the arbitrary judge of some truth as targets on the move, this:

The several (that is in a sense the five honeycomb structures of the vacuum that contain something like forces and memory and apply in balanced or one side of mirror directions or time that can so be measured discretely or continuously considering the Omnium most general model) layers on this brane as the Euclidean skeleton of topology in its many or unified forms, is a good start to explain the several new layers we are surprised to find in the complexity of the expression of the DNA code systems. But is the theme here not a start for general mental processes too of which we tend to agree are much more complicated to sort out or at least as complicated to do so. The wormhole metaphor still faces the question of if the consciousness or the physics is one thing or distinct.

If Maxwell's demon had to play against the entropy as if so many games of chess (intrinsically n-dimensional) and all that was not his lazy mind was the problem, machine or not, he would win sometimes or grow tired or perhaps shift into a point of observation wherein he was no longer a chess master but made blunders, his membranes or corrupted memories not always and sometimes healthy but seemingly can become disconnected even in the equiprobable instant, that he reacts emotionally and amplifies his blunders. I find it most uncanny when I do beat the machine chess when I think now I got the sob but it is just a machine and then it is confused and throws away a rook as if it were sentient after all. Still there are facts as if we have some formal timeline to consider, so to memorialize or ritualised them as truths and hide the pointless complaints of those in retrospect we injured in the dogfights and so on making the world safe for the ongoing disability of their wounds, jobs not memorials for our warriors, and cures not what is best for say the culture of the deaf- but such facts do not solve our wider problems.

I am optimistic because I know I still have room to grow if I life long enough and few of us feel that needed to be with wisdom the limit or the end in this world despite the overwhelming evidence that seems there, science can save us from our primitive fears but not our denials either way. I see the bell curve way of some things superluminal as part of the structure that sets a limit to our lifespan in these dimensions- so the pendulum swings in step with how we react to our higher imagination and dreams- I am optimistic because such a new world awaits us even in the here and now if we survive and remain in the main unwounded as a species. That is all I have said or thought before then will seem hardly anything to what can come- and in the intelligible schemes of things that perhaps will truly be new and our sense of our selves and wisdom will enhance us not vanish into some fact or tangle of false hopes, memories, and yes, science.

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