Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Parallel General Stereonometry of Quasic and TGD Wormholes

The Parallel General Stereonometry of Quasic and TGD Wormholes

L. Edgar Otto  05 May, 2012

The intelligible logic of such things as Majorana particles or the observed disconnects of general physics systems, and the alternative new physics paradigms in the creative scientific and philosophic interpretations needs not be a matter of accidental discovery or unreachable experiments.

If these abstractions are imaginable then we have to ask what higher principles of our reasoning or of the universe would make arbitrary reductions in what we in reality experience.  That or we abandon reason itself at worst or accept that in the foundations the universe is not intelligible save maybe as our bandwidth of perceptions for all practical purposes concrete illusions, a sort of logical gray hole, at best.

This seems especially true of issues of what it the totality or the local effects, we being in the middle of such quasifinite cosmic scales, far from ideas of remote entropy, and in a world where a key concern is that our physical constants can be transparent and dimensionless even as a unity or fractions thereof, or incommensurable, as if the view of the totality achieves the intellectual jump itself should resolve these issues of singularity as if it a worm or black hole object that leads us to imagine distinct multiplicity of one creative unity or object among the many with the same logical paradoxes.

But as a matter of useful enquiry at least, the study of such connections on any scale or alternative views of the physics of them not necessarily if any may be the truth of the picture as this seems part of the logic of the intelligible perceptions and observations itself, perhaps to be transcended by our enquiry, we certainly can benefit from the dynamic of such connections in matters of how they better explain the unexpected levels of our gene encoding.

If such an approach to logic and physics is not the case, and it remains creative and human as not necessarily so, then we can not only jettison the initial fear that the heart of our logic stood on shaky foundations in relation to mathematics, then this long century of applications of analysis as the best discernment of what is the worth of our theories, of interesting science in the end, is to be dismissed as well as the mathematics itself was but a hopeful dead end.

I remain optimistic. I sorrow at the thought that if our hands are guided by some higher principle or being where the negative can seem part of the most workable or beautiful picture of this world of those we still imagine more possible so to speak, thus to justify our faith in the mathematics as it applies to the universe, that as a part of such a higher purpose I doubt the intentions of a higher being would approve in the mysterious ways and our chance meetings that others are drawn into our speculations as if they were the puppets of such destiny having not in free will been elected to do the work of God on earth.

I do not know if there is such a higher being. But I know this much at our stage of leaning and speculation, that we can show that others exist, and you are very precious.  Do not waste the light...

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