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Extended Quasic Lattices

Extended Quasic Lattices

L. Edgar Otto   26 May, 2012

The symmetry across the span of a quasic plane  (or brane) has a certain repetition of patterns of similarity between the elements or cells.

I used the arbitrary signal flags (for ease of reading and for the complimentary colors for shadow sets) for this conceptual counting notation.  The all black pennant or all white one represent B and A in the Otto-Conway code of an extension of ordering in the span by various patterns of abstract or material objects, here ALM AOJ ANK... but this designation does not imply a strict reduction to the 30 cubes nor the totality of 24 or 48 four object permutations.

The A however we can regard as a neutral pennant yet the pattern of four of them can be imagined in the lattice structure.  So how many groups of 16 are delineated by any four of the similar pennants.  I assert that the plane as extended by stereonomic patterns has a certain coherence across the span which some may interpret as a physicality or potential one (such as an analogy to the idea of ubiquitous gravity).

This of course can accommodate a further generalization where the pattern cells can be independently determined for whatever rule or law of a sub region or symmetry, or hidden symmetry as if by chance and chaos strictly determines them.  (Actually this generalization is not higher but part of the philosophic possibilities on one level of theory view.)

The haunting patterns of similarity between successful theories where distinctions are made can of course be described as if a deep connection in our usual method of applying group theory in the resulting count of nx16 unit cell indefinite quasic overboundary as if we apply the idea of the 10, 11, and 12 (Euclidean) dimensions to the brane space.  By that count with distinct real or shadow pennants (A's) we find on the lower and primitive dimensional level the usual numerology that hauntingly pops up in more formal equations that seem mysteries as finite group space analysis that is considered merely and observation of what is the discrete.  For example:  10x16 = 160, or 12x16 = 192 (the rigid rotation of a hypercube as half and Plato's sacred number).

Or some powers of the quasic grid pattern 256 into higher symmetries or dimensions, and so on... across the quasic plane.  The original unit pixel or pennant can transcend the totality in its patterning at this place of ambiguous vacuum, structured potentially or not, counted or not in the mix of the idea of extending dimension by color (including the term applied to gluons as well as natural color notation) but this is another potential of diversity of patterns over some span or structure physically in the universe and can be interpreted as having non necessary physical effects (such as dark matter ideas or gravity, mass, inertia, time and entropy and so on...)

The coherence of organic systems is like a virtual analog of non necessary ubiquitously gravity at some centering implied. By that we understand space and time as reducible so as to give intelligible answers that ground some things on spherical harmonics which to some extent can apply to several layers of organized material systems.

It is clear that the binary encoding at the axes of the quasic plane (here as square) so to rigidly describe the holographic principle if it does not decode exactly is not powerful enough as a method to describe a total theory, nor but it can make a partial contribution leaving a question (possibly false) of some physical properties ad uncertain or as illusions)  By itself it is not fundamental or foundational.  In effect as with physical theories in general as theories of everything we assert this is so because we restrict the patterns of similarity of such decoding- to find a total holographic theory of everything one has to work from the hidden assumption that it is a rigid theory of everything in the decoding- no deep definitions that is not circular or looping on some level that in effect has not told us anything new in the physics as if it is but a method of self fulfilling prophesy the moreover does not limit the quantum theory to focused issues that describes the real as in matrices rather than the rigid uncertainty of size as waves.  The shadows do seem to suggest ghosts, of ideas at least.

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