Friday, May 11, 2012

Parallel Worlds and Subjective Paradox

Parallel Worlds & Subjective Paradox

L. Edgar Otto   11 May, 2012

In the blunder against the rigid logic of the chess game as if the perception parameters of the play shifts into subjective states of parallel universes, it is enough in our adapting to the right and left spin of things that the shift of direction of spin should we imagine some ground of general abstract motion or rest, that within one world this is enough parallel universe to change the intention toward control of the outcome and the change.

Part of this is the personification or respect in sympathy for the opponent, with its own subjectivity or indifference wherein in the balance you exchange with him your place.  In this sense, as to what is neutral to any degree of extension or branching or paths that so fill space eventually or vanish at some perceptive boundary as if one can push thru it in the rise to higher generalization of symmetry, we surpass the mere equivalence in interpretation of quantum theory as a relation of consciousness, or just a physical system grounded in a vague description beyond the mechanism as the mathematics that emphasizes philosophy of the probable, so in a sense transcend our own evolving state.

While further generalizations are not forbidden as in the quantum idea, they are not necessarily mandatory also as goes the saying as if a truth in humor of the vital absurd, for on the frontier of enquiry that we explore, the borders need not be considered that it is closed, nor the frontier and possibilities in the the universe as limited, at least by the fanciful explanations we need for something to stand on while and toward some end or new cycle reaching for and perhaps beyond the stars.

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