Friday, May 18, 2012



L. Edgar Otto   18 May, 2012

The universe is an amazing and mysterious place. That I have spent much of my life finding  and  explaining  part of the bigger picture of how it works, the why of the math of it,  when I think about it that seems to me much more mysterious and amazing about myself and others who have looked at these things and asked the how and why of it- we seem so much more than the cold indifferent idea of a universe/

In the open mike of the night sky, I sung three cover songs although my voice not as sweet as those of my own.  "You Are My Sunshine" , "Stagalee" (I think, about that time in popular music anyway) and "Sweet Baby James."  But I am not sure of the signicance in this part of my dream after a short nodding off in nap.  The first two songs were not my usual pick for things, I adjusted to new tastes of old time.  The last was more like my prime waiting for some academic life ever to begin before I noticed it slipped away- but then is this not true of the life of most anyone?

In real life, by the way, I do not do cover tunes in all the nights in bars and coffee shops,  "as of somebody would hear..." oh, better on the open campus and sometimes it turned people's heads so I knew they were pretty good, or some sweet coed walking by not knowing it was me was singing one of mine.  But all I wanted was to go into a truck stop in Siler City, put the coin in, and hear "When the Bottom fell our of my Beer glass, the bottom fell out of my Life" or "Drop dead, drop dead, Little Darlin Blue" or Bluegrass taking up a few of my tunes in their Superconductive, Supercollider, Supercomputer, Supercool, Superstring New Deal Band.

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