Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Visual Reality or Perceptual Illusion

Visual Reality or Perceptual Illusion

L. Edgar Otto  

16 May, 2012

Interestingly, New Scientist had an article today on the perceptual boundaries caused by contrast where in a picture not moving a starfish seems to spin.

And for all you who seek to demean or defend the principles of Einstein, to modify it as in the article on the unlikely density of some pulsars it is the lack of a more generalized form of space that makes this more advanced or modified and enhanced speculation something to take seriously as a direction for future science. But we do not need something as exotic as string theory to better understand such scale phenomena- this lack of solid theory seems to come up in the more advanced form, if we are to save the standard theory as if to save the big bang by our theories of the measurement of particle masses or energies that we have to modify to experimental data. This which is the illusion of perception and which lack of understanding of symmetry, conservation laws, and grounding aspects of truths that may seem an illusion but do not need to be abandoned.

Another interesting article in the sci magazines is the Gaea hypothesis said to be confirmed possibly by the cycle of sulphur in the global environs as if the earth a living thing. But from that can we define it as a sentient thing? Or perhaps all sentient things as mere complex mechanisms?

Maybe in the sense of an individual organism or brain as the self it is a progression from animism to monotheism as some claim or to there and back again- an indifferent god or universe or one of a range of personal demons, this issue too of the many worlds or one unified theory.

Yes this is a golden age for cosmology and thus for speculation, but really, it seems the crackpots are abundant even in the formal places there is mainstream physics let alone the descent into this age as also a golden new age for crackpots, alternatively and equivalently. But of course is it still a rather open question if in our expertise and ideology we are aware and know what we are doing. Welcome to the golden age of crack pottery too as part of the cost of enquirey which dares not ask beyond the how of the philosophy of why things are as they are- or the how and why if we can ask of it as reality or illusions of perception not interchangeable and relative as concepts. Of whom does this concern, certainly the other guy or gal- only you do not know who that is do you.

I am not sure, as one cannot reason with a drunk, if there is much point in continuing my long archive of conversations with the cosmos. I should wait for your meds to kick in so you can have some sort of predictability and stability in your awareness and behavior. This must resonate with your mind and project what may be in it as surely as we recognize alcohol from the bacterial waste digestion in our guts after all to dismiss any reasonable but threatening alternative many have asked me what I have been smoking. There is only fossilization and decay without contrast, and such contrast if not organized and done so freely can lead to not illusions so much as hallucinations.

Welcome to the philosophy of new age scientific fiction daily where in future looking back some may wonder at how so many can be fooled by the propaganda of the mentally deficient whose drama may be entertaining, but above all comical as all who think they are sane but not as good as all that. As is the usual fortune of tragedy by circumstance for those better than they brag. But we can all agree at least in the great debate we should believe that in the enquirey or work an epic in proportions of such a quest and enquirey, if our truths and even misguided faiths are to get anywhere, hopefully for better things and things truly new.

Today's sublime idols will seem fallen to future beings in but a single misstep into the ridiculous as beings and theories stand naked in their singularity. If they are remembered at all. If a future generation has sufficient wisdom to distinguish truly what among the worlds problems can be distinguished in a higher view as to in the counting as something quasifinite but concrete between the trivial and difficult.

It is not that we can hold views 'not even wrong", but in a wider sense in making sense of ourselves, the world, and others some things and beings were not even worthy. Those who set the parameters, the gray forces lukewarm, are the mediators of evil in this world more so than the workers or dreamers for they preach and convince most of us there are false scarcities and false promises and consequences for these choices in fear of things between two evils. No one seems to say God is not on my side, or not with us as we compete for a place- but we need them as part of the picture for to remove them not only writes us out of the play but risks the stage and board of all these abstract games. The only way to effectively deal with them is one on one or collectively if there is no residual humanity left in them to appeal to.

We should not take funding away from the arts and sciences for professional degrees- not that in real work that does not collectively sponge off society we make people overqualified for labor, but such PhD's cannot sustain the society if it covers the earth and pushes out all other things, they are rather unemployable because they were given fake and useless degrees. The tragedy is that many believed in the system and that one or many the gods where on their side and statues, constitutions, treaties are but scraps of paper so is progress or reaction to change where a generation is marginalized and isolated and not sovereign in the establishment of laws.

* * * * * *  [note: the intended illustration on the external memory which includes a series of 3 to 30 sided polygons- that forthcoming.  The one above is suggestive of notebooks and paperwork of social worker bureaucrats- my roommates payee suggests I pay her- hence the rant-  render unto Caeser and all that]

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