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West Window  (Generalizing the Majorana Idea)

L. Edgar Otto   26 May, 2012

I find the statement "there are no Majorana particles" in Pitkanen's TGD system and idea worthy of foundational and intellectual consideration.

If there are such particles, and as I understand it none have been shown to exist so far, would we be able to distinguish them from non Majorana ones?  I mean experimentally and directly- if indirect then their existence may be fundamentally inconclusive.  But an inconclusive particle, say the idea of a Higgs, may itself  be that and not be Majorana.  Such a particle (in theory) could be more general thus in some sense both.

This is not just a debate on logic or a stance toward general philosophy, it is also built in to how we develop and apply mathematics including geometry. It seems to me particularly important in the local or non local dynamics of conveying information and thus, as in the thoughts of Penrose on the matter of quantanglement, this exceeds all such restrictive concepts of space of numbers that can be described on the surface of the topologies of spherical harmonics.

What are the minimum bits to convey such discrete information about the total realm of all numbers on such a boundless but finite space.  Is this, while intelligible, a question of bit wise symmetry especially in a strict interpretative environs?

If, as some recently suggested, a particle can be matter and antimatter at the same time, then what does this suggest for the idea that the original state of things contained both that annihilated with a small positive value left over?  Can such a particle be broken into its parts as if to divide something that is already a neutral combination if it is irreducible as dual but in a physical (not metaphysical) way?  If in fact these are then most general types of particles in nature does that not make a stance that they started out as balanced and evolved to states from some origin not really a good model or to ask why there is one and not the other types of matter not a good question when looked at from a better generalization of cosmology?

Nevertheless, in the struggle with the logic of it, this certainly is where I fundamentally disagree on many points with both the physics and alternative physics community.  Can we take a stance on such a foundational question in the first place?  Could the question itself not obey this logic, stranger than simple quantum logic, itself.  Apparently human thought seems to obey such paradoxical methods.

We cannot see really into the deeper nature of a particle that is pure neutrality to smash it physically or perhaps even by thought experiments and theory.  For Pitkanen, this neutral result is on the other side of a mirror where they seem to be constructable as a physical, matter or field, system.  That is not to take a stance is to deny the absoluteness or the general reality of irreducible, even if zero based (nilpotent) of real particles.  It is the steady state idea (as in the stability of a proton by the usual negative contributions) as if a hyperbolic geometry.  It is not the steady state universe idea that at its remote limits as some sparse or empty space we find the balance in the expansion by proton creation de novo.

For the alternative theory, the standard one, this idea of a certain concrete matter at singularity in a structural complex forbids some concepts of a field, a Majorana like logical structural field rather than accept these particles which seems grounded in prime numbers so that reduces the field to some idea of physical effects and not something as fundamental.

Still, the truth of things as better generalized may give equal weight to both ideas and their intrinsic objections as if a false synthesis of which the theory cannot stand totally predictable or even probable in the physical effects all the time let alone be complimentary in the quantum or GR sense.  Yet there is a certain reality that seems conserved here as existence and that is a higher foundational question than say what is the analog or the digital, what and which are the discrete and continuous descriptions at the mirrors of the geometries.

The argument can be proven or not proven and yet we have a realty that says it is a phenomenon as foundational either way, that it will be eventually solved after limited bits of expansion over many levels to achieve the first rung of what on this steep ladder and learning curve toys with ideas of the absolute.  The logic of the physics has to exceed quantanglement.  For that matter it exceeds the metalanguage and the continuum hypothesis.  If we do manage to separate the tremendous and impossible energy contained in an irreducible matter-antimatter Majorana particle we will think that in our creative endeavors we will have rediscovered actual magic.

But the limits that are there by nature suggests that these models in the dynamics of a general theory of everything both apply for effects that will not seem magic.  It is not a question of slight of hand or legerdemain by one side or the other- facing the still vague imaginative state of things in figuring out the trick, or rationalizing away what is pure magic before us- the stuff and origin of myths, myths that have lost their luster over time and have turned to lead.  This can only flow like a liquid, a glass mirror over the cathedral of our universe.  Some of us can still see the chain of reality in the fun house mirrors, some of us are not color blind to our paint by number dreams.  Like children do from time to time we see how far we can count with our small steps of rolling bones and cylinders until we face the problems of apples and oranges that merge with powers of the place holder- our zeros and our faith there  facing it is something as big as our imagination that meets the infinite.

But who am I to disturb those of you who sleep, who are no wider than your dreams, if you so dream?  My West Window has gone thru many cycles of the season and it was so different than the last time I took such thought on the cosmos at my more poetic North Window seeing the storms, the snow, the songbirds, the bare branches or plush green, my prison and cave wider also, but I must go to somewhere else now that I can see thru dreams and walls.

* * * * * * *

Next Morning: The Physical Implications of Creative Philosophy in Quasic Theory

Insofar as organic systems go how we regard the dynamics of information systems seems critical to understanding how we as humans are and develop.  The role of viruses on whatever level of influence certainly seems more complicated than our present reductionist theories can address on several levels, degenerate or non-degenerate.

The idea of the incidence of autism (or whatever vague state where the diagnosis escapes the doctors and theorists if not the logic grounding, rigorously, that it is proved vague or without answer) related to the mother at some time in her pregnancy to have a high fever (as reported in the science magazines along with many theories offered in the realm of mystery to ponder) shows the need to relate general systems in new physics and new ways.

That it is the virus that bites and not the dog, or that addicts lie and addicts die, are sayings that also raise the issues of creative philosophy as well as the sciences.  Humans so chemically dependent, that view of the world of the small in its essence as quantum theory today should not ignore the hierarchy of even the virus-bacteria and prion relations in adapted system environs.  People crave challenge and drama even where the issues are false- consider the nature of the varieties of gender as inversions of neutral states that seem universal in their affectations- what if from some view there are other or confused gender states that are neutral.  If in the sciences, albeit biological and not reductionist physics, how much more so than the dynamics and design of our economic and state systems so organized?

From the creative philosophic view we can question these systems too as facts or myths.  There is depth and yet there is superficiality and this can be a matter of intellect or emotional degree- a distance from challenges or in effect a reaction to our sensory deprivations or the look for false unities on any level to make sense of the cycles of hallucination.  It is not clear, although a novel idea and a bit of information, that as in Sartre no one has truly lived unless they have faced suicide- it is a profound idea as much as the survival kicks in at the rock bottom of alcholics that stay this or that the so called mental pain once recalled impedes the recovery as far as the world suspects in the improved state of mind.  Of such profound thoughts it is not clear that someone, perhaps not defined as more than shallow, learns anything that advanced from their chance slipping down the cliffs of experience.

Philosophy too has its depths of these issues that require a maturity in shifting foundational views and it too awaits a more intelligible era if we want this and are at least true to ourselves as to what we want and how we define ourselves without the fear to explore, without the impediment of losses or wounds in out conflicts with each other, the epic that remains in a distance, the comedy and tragedy of love and the cosmos we strive on the average to hold as positive and worth doing, we as worthy in our existing, drama as full and more than its petty purposes only in the quest of itself.  We have to get past this plateau of theory where our ideas of psychology is now the merger of drugs and behaviorism as the new state of addressing and defining our minds.

While inside a world of fear we cannot see there is fear as if viewing things from the outside.  Will we crawl out of the chaotic shores and walk upright?  Will we admit there are times when our choices mean things and that fear is no excuse for our behavior- we responsible as sentient beings?  Or if in your closed contemplation of your image in a mirror that life is meaningless and not meaningfree in your divisions by mythical absolutes you act to save some part or toss it all in fear that this is all there is of a universe that deep in our cores we imagine, but speak not of it aloud, an ancient spectre that haunts us, entrapped and fed on our fears.

But you have to learn yourself there are no such ghosts for my raising such phenomenology, you who relish in the myths of depression and demand all the world in love and war you centers as real for attention, demand the others behave and see the world as you do on the pain of exclusions or anger so then thought justified or if we are fair only in the expediency addressing a threat that given a chance the world will one day be a better and more permanent, safe place (have others not thought of this dream and made the promises of hope that vanishes as surely as the certainty of despair one can do nothing but worry about after the fact?) then you pass the stories on?  What sort of comfort is it for our children when we as children give such comfort that makes no difference to their mood at the time.  You can cover your heads and crave the night lights- but I will not speak to you as children nor feed off your hopes and fears, and dreams.

* * * * *

Anyway, in my dispute with the county I have alerted them (as they came to me) of changes so they are responsible for any sad events of drama from my roommate and I am not responsible for such baby sitting of those now a danger to me, themselves and others.  I tried not to get in anyone's personal business.  I am amazed I could write this much and this well with the lack of sleep and the bloody nose violence around me.  I am tired of looking out the West window for I have seen it all in my study of the geometry of light and focus and shadows of the moon... it has increased my vision if one compensates for the snowflakes or the bats at night or the grating of the screen or the double panes in the reflection.  It is a predictable story now so in some sense that is boring. I doubt it is as much to what to do in retirement years for us as it is how can the people not try to live life in  more depth than what some scurrying cockroaches do content dumpster diving or assuming that it costs nothing to budget for the hot sauce at the officers mess as that is public property and their right to us even if you are not part of their shared system.  They are sorrowful victims but this will change soon if we understand what life really can be all about- and by the way, no amount of meditation will give us these answers or my roommate long ago would have found enlightenment and not curse the gods.  I feel guilty having read his physics books (I mean the university here is not about learning nor work, even his art degree goes hungry,) when he does not know what he read - I understand he dropped out with a bout of mononucleosis virus.  Now while I believe an artist can do no wrong- it has been a long time now since he had done art or kept faith in it.

* * * * *

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