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Omega Omnium and the Myth of the Holographic Principle

Omega Omnium and the Myth of the Holographic Principle

L. Edgar Otto   15 May, 2012

In the analogy to our existing in two space and the properties into a third dimension an illusion of sorts- this called the holographic principle which in the reductionist context of physics is like the neuron-network count hierarchy of connectionism where the lowest parts do not contain all the information of the whole, alternatively from that plane we have a certain perpendicularity where we find emergent phenomena, such as time.

We would expect the abstract extension of these spaces to generate conceptually our ideas of orthogonal dimensions as if it is the key hypothesis of the aleph one continuum, but this not necessarily the case or one necessarily resolved- yet by the 2 to nth of the power set we can say it is the continuum. Is it a conceptual error to assume  these identical descriptions or perhaps distinct spatial manifolds?

There is no good reason, given  the right notation and understanding, to assume information is lost in the branching subdivisions much as an holographic image toward the small or that information is gained in the evolving of scale.  The content of and description of information is potentially present and intelligible in the discrete or continuous worlds.

I ask then if we can simply extend this analogy to at least the highest concept a a brane and some sort of perpendicularity that these reconsideration's of this "principle" should be undertaken.  It seem that to a certain level or threshold or decent in the most general (Theoteric) space the holographic principle assumes the conclusion a sentient being must vanish and the soul is an illusion, alternatively it assumes that some supernatural entity may emerge albeit disembodied from the natural in the most extreme model.
Yet were the information is conserved there is no question as to where it goes or returns from into say black holes.  It is not a good question in either open or closed systems of the universe or thermodynamics, it has its own grounding for some quasic boundary which in general we can assert mysteriously is like he asymptotic freedom containing nuclear particles.

In view of this in this golden age of physics speculation there can be more involved in the generalized dimensions in these unusual concepts of super-symmetry and beyond  (UnuSUSY).  If the general structure of our minds, even if accidentally emerged from smaller parts so corresponds to these physical laws then such a lack of understanding can give us at best a false level of unification of the physics and conserve the  boundaries that contain our thinking with a sense of completeness of  the compass of our theories.    Alternatively, as if the direction of the third axes is thought that of consciousness at least for our intentions then the mechanism that allows the information to transcend these lesser states into other ones that do not vanish such transcendence could be concrete an quasi-physical.

If we think this less a scientific way to enquire I remind you that to assume such an origin as we dwell in the organization and development of our brains, an idea as simple the gazing into the heart of atoms or some individual universe as if it had an origin in the big bang is to gaze down into our fish brains.  We ask by geometry if other minds exist in the span of space or some last or quasi-last greatest infinity of mind as a shared if not the same question to ask as sentient things.  Yet is seems this sort of thinking is much like that of a level of higher and magical thinking wherein we ask similar and thus quasic  things of the depth of structures we imagine and impose on the aether, the vacua.  It is like actual or shared reincarnation of actual beings or forms re emerging.

So in this morphogenic speculation we touch the level of paradox, and vanishing of history within a closed or relatively isolated system as some reason to explain forgetfulness or to say that we relive a cultural inheritances of our ancestors where the possibility of action at a distance is a consequence.  Those who in this model have done cosmology as the theory of inflation seem to be forming a unified theory as if they believe in hypnotic regression to the world of their ancestors former lives.  This sort of physics tries to find its truly emergent and new phenomena in the usual myths and stories or reasons we can bring things back down to physical reductions again so call these deep principles even if as a mechanism only we do not understand the content, nor for that matter higher geometry of the context.  Yet we cling to these workable ideas as if they were grounded in the reality of some higher state or being- so we still have work to do before we know the truth, if it can be so found.  Perhaps the making of myths is the job of creative physicists and they sell it as if it is the only way and right given us from the gods.

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