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Scale Looping of Quasifinite Information

Scale Looping of Quasifinite Information

L. Edgar Otto 09 May, 2012

Where does the abstract information go when it is expanded to some maximum and returned to minimum looping in cycles? Could this not be a process of the dialectics of the reversal of continuous and discrete fields that in a given cycle of a totality with small variations of the synthesis of a given moment in a cycle the uniqueness varies while the overall default variation is a variance that does not quite reach a given extreme, that this insofar as randomness goes in the entropy and decoherence over general time is more a description of such an arrow as if time or of the breaking or emergence of symmetries.

Such a cyclic quasifinite universe can be conceived as a steady state and self defining as to what is the grid or background as a skeleton of abstract motion and what is concrete within these physical phenomena is not necessarily associated with numerical or topological differences and yet at the states of non existence and existence in the ultimate question of all states we find also the depth of information able to transcend in theory all states.

If the universe is such a particle like entity and particles are extended this way, then in a sense the universe also can be said to radiate in its extension. The assumption that mass is rigid in time in compression and expansion of its energy as material only is to assume all particles are in a state of vague radiation but the particles seem to do this paradoxically and even within themselves as if he most general of quantized and irreducible constants over some root of unity positive but not equal to one.

But this is still more than hypercomplex numbers and symmetry breaking as in the standard conception for in the reduced world even in the string phenomenology we have not solved how something as ethereal as a photon interacts with a gravitational field explicitly as if it has mass let alone that its information has such mass.

It should reasonably follow that a photon in space can equally as well gain mass or from some view change its velocity. But in the hierarchies of a general closed system where the invariants of abstract quasic motion so varies this amounts to the transcendental or polar parts of the actual path of a particle motion to be intrinsically slowing down to some level of an Euclidean flat shape.

The difference then of such arrows or asymmetries of being is in a sense a dark energy mirror of these higher and hidden processes of symmetry that persists as asymmetric and over the steady state of that apparent in the reduction is time measured as expansion or at any given quasifinite point as finite but bounded is a literal reduction of space for GR falls out of the higher dark concept of things as a lesser theory where the dark and light forces are the same thing that may just be described as the hierarchy of accelerations of accelerations limited only by the shell of such information jumps and natural transfers by the ratio and balance of material and space forces.

Gravity is a value that is expressed as seen as light in reflection by the intelligible numbers of the universe as the inexhaustible state it is in as a source and sink. To merely describe things as a flow from one such brane or place as a leakage does not reach the depth of even the flatland generalization nor of the models of building top down or bottom up in their equal description at any time globally or locally as continuous or not. We find that this cloudiness and spherical solidity of surfaces is interchanged in the gain and loss of changing scale information.

There are obviously many things to resolve in the physics here let alone in the metaphysics, and thus in the logic and intelligibility of a more general stereonometry. But where there are cycles and vibrations on any scale or from the values of the influence of such scales, these sorts of philosophic physics give it some foundational grounding.

Some mathematical constants are only so in reference to the flow of the omnium in a balance or hidden symmetry that is one directional in the depth as sources and sinks, a golden irrational resistance to direct descent to central time as if the only direction of purpose as it recognizes in these contexts the equivalence of the acceleration or the deceleration in the unique evolving states of the totality and all things within it.

In that memory is such a linear like intention in such time as if a history over the omnium the subjective too runs a direction of the arrow of time and its mirror in abstract parallels and can default to the sink or source transcending or cycling through the cycles of the span where the depth with it is interchanged regardless if one sees the transmission or to where such things beyond the meaning and the information goes into such ground of existence or thru which voracious mouths of wormholes that change their nature on the surface, black or white or clear or bouncy ball as if in true and absolute emptiness that we rise or fall is relative to the gods, or the gods within our own dreams where in the invisible physics of this world what left as real is exceedingly transparent and we are pushed by half of infinity so it seems.

Like the lowly bacterium that desires with purpose to approach the light or flee from some toxic dark it does so in a random dance of directions the eight legs of the axes of evil also reach out its suckers and its drawn through a random maze it beak as if to until knots informally that of the spineless ones it is the wisest and if the fleeing spiral tail escapes as the eightfold one itself, an arm that can regenerate, an inky cloud, a shock that rings and tastes through water, the lowly one finds its safety rooted with its fellow on the shore where life began and as with the creatures of the deep or higher creatures in the dark, they reach a threshold together and radiate their own light. Only between them do they synchronize at a distance among themselves their schools in mass or in stealth or openness, in shells or naked on the beach do other lifeforms learn the higher meaning of their colors in the message.

* * * * * * *

So too the paths of fractional dimensions seem to give a plane a certain solidity that they can cover every point in many ways or even leave empty spaces, usually in ratios golden- that difference of factorials between the natural dimensions or containing a diagonal enfolds in by half its cells of compliments of neutrality. Thus the half reality of the 16th cell as if it is a ground, a plenum for superposition where we distinguish the pentagonal and the double dialectic scales of colors or of tones to separate the double cell into plenum or of nothing, and so on dimensionally...for of the twelve tempered keys its ideal sphere becomes a plane with the removal of not just one pole and all its edge connections but of both poles... and so on in the n-poles transfinite over spaces in the quasifinite continuum.

But this is not a complete description of the intelligible spaces we consider in groups and dimensions as we now see them and it is not clear it is the final description itself.

* * * * * *   I posted this to Lubos for his consideration as a comment at it seemed to relate to his today coincidentally, I post it here because I am not sure if it got through from the laptop.

If you really want to talk about these things - I know you are capable of adapting to new ideas- but your objections to the speculatrions refered to is a matter of philosophy and I think on a higher level- the idea of the axiom of choice is of course in your application a matter of deep and expert insight.

If you want something on this topic I have asserted now for half a centuryreally critique the physicality of things and this cosmic flow or design so to speak I am posting these concerns as old as the ancient of Greece and the Buddhist in as close to an analysis we have gotten.

The quantum theory although part of the picture is not enough to explain things to those who want a more tangeable reason for mechanisms- and the entanglement question does not answer things but merely suggests a paradox outside the research or thoughts- what have you added here but that your view is of a closed and centered universe where you assume things vanish on some scales? This paradox is not better or makes sense anymore more than the ideas of those who say we can transcend these ideas of entanglement. Intuitive, but philosophic with confused subjective grounding of errors.

I am not saying your ideas cannot be the grounding case for it can be seen that way as one of several core theories of everything.

But how does this connect to your understanding of the possible limits to scales of our experiments in your earlier post?

Well, our thoughts are not necessarily entangled in some mystical or even the blogsphere I presume... but in any case as it seems we are talking to ourselves or around each other- Einstein said he believed the moon there those times he could not see it- well he did not say those who believe the moon is there when we have never seen it are crackpot physicists-

I accept your honor that my positions in your statements are beyond crackpot as that is the case when we exceed what is obeserverable and perhaps beyond even cardinality.

Even those who take offence with what should be neutral, honest and objective as science hope you add your intellect to the new physics.

Global warming is a great metaphor for such views of mystical or physical connections of things and I must say those who organize things here are rather blind to the realities we face are are as dishonest as scientist who fudge their data- they are annoying but they can vote (and here are losing)

So can this issue be resolved by philosophy or not if science cannot decisively now do it?

The PeSla

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