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Symmetry Persistence

Symmetry Persistence
L. Edgar Otto
   07 May, 2012

The intelligible counting of quarks I call persistence in the sense that particles can be symmetry building, breaking and in a general sense neutral of which the particle complex leads to structures in context.  How many of such structures are possible, most likely all permutations save perhaps one that is constant when the physics is condensing (flangelation) to a central reference view rather than expressed as compactification. Here too is a difference in the simile and metaphor not necessarily in that order.

In this respect we might conclude quarks complexes of five entities abstractly exist.  But usually it can be broken down into three or five. The fourth and fifth quasi-quark are zero generation and thus their have a mirror as antiparticle-particle.  Thus we can imagine 216 combinations of the eight orientations of particles.  Is the top quark of the same order of counting in the structure?  There are many ways to assign the counting of these things even in such low numbers.

An atom, a nucleon, in this sense relates to the universe and itself as if it were the mouth, mouths of, or a wormhole itself presumably it has an intrinsic direction foundationally for matters we interpret as time and so on.

In the count of what we call time like dimensions, really a form of symmetry extension to so many levels including the five flat ones in a self loop of shadows in eutactic structure, is not simply the usual idea of standard non generalized Euclidean planes and rigidly isolated dimensions. As such we have to consider sub-symmetry breaking.

At the neutral scale of things we can find the properties of an assembly of atoms, that structure too one of abstract design of symmetry persistence, as simile or metaphor, a representation itself as physical tubes or wormholes.

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07 May, 2012 Next Morning:

Broken Minds and Parallel Code Gauge Conversion

(between the simile and metaphor Falls Intention) or (The Somatic Cube in the Design of Quasi-Teleological Mediators and Morphogenesis by Subsystems of Strong Force)

L. Edgar Otto
  07 May, 2012

Autistic (Self-Dual) Code Core in Balance Dynamically with Its Extended Cytoplasm Spacious Wormhole Inverted and Reduced Time-like Dimensions Generalizing Persistent Interacting Symmetry Structures  (30 x 16) = 480; 480 - 96 = 384;  120 + 15 = 135;  216 - 135 = 81; 27 x 8 = 216; There are other interesting values here that relate to the 120, 384, and the like to understand these more general "time-like" abstract group dimensional structures, in which case we multiply by 24 in the Soma cube type lattices and count of dividing unit cell subspace phenomenology.

The coherence of personality can be in states of symmetry breaking or bonding  within independent layers of unities.  Does the overt broken system preclude a level at which we may consider a soullessness in physical reality beyond he ideal?

In the ideal the mechanism at the interface of metaphor and simile is the distinguishing between the self and the soul or view of it as spirit that can relate to perfection on a higher or infinite context of levels that corresponds to the aether ground- in the existent moment there is the anti-aether before the question of resolution at remote singularities in depths and span, as well as what level of indefinite spacious complexity can be maintained as if some level of consciousness, of awkeneness, exceeds the wave or invariant limits of light speed (and its changes and analogs on different levels) as well the speed of the general wave form being intrinsically superluminal within some limit.

The hallucinogenic experience induced is not a key to higher transformations on this unSUSY level necessarily although it is remotely possible but for a neutral state in the effects on the mind, an unbalanced state not adapted to or perceived, the artificial and mechanical level in indifference actually can do harm to the operation of such matters of the psyche.  The influence of consciousness on matter (up to but not beyond he quantum level) if the interpretation is a fact,  does not and usually does not depend on the state of hallucinations, a sort of anti-sensory deprivation, in order to fill in our sense of unity of reasoning for existence, or to step outside the spacious nilpotency in order to discern objects and thoughts against some phaneron (or concept of background).  Who does the Ergot or the Goat Dance?

Vague archetypal forms in hallucinogenic or imaginative experiences take on the general universal patterns by this sort of general universal potentiality of geometric design.  The stereotype, especially as dynamic but mechanical ideology, is the substantial ground higher fields and beliefs so default unto.

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The Footprints of Buddha

L. Edgar Otto  07 May, 2012

The celestial sky then from all directions is the wormhole mouth as well as the wormhole. In this inversion of perceptions, that which stands outside of us or we of it, this is the cave of Plato's allegory on which we draw the constellations and paint the myths and watch the sparks and motions on the face of the imagined dark or fires beyond. 

Yet in this conception we have the idea that such caves move through the rock or space of somewhere or nowhere as one tunnel or a stone filled with tangles of burrowing sea worms in blind directions to which all thoughts of genus by counting are by intention bypassed.

The illustration with the Flyflot (footprint) shows the vertical and horizontal variations in symmetry- the unit tiles here placed rather at random.  These symmetries also may apply to physical effects in a more general symmetry persistence ( which should probably be something more like conservation or invariance but from a higher view with a little added context of meaning- not to confuse these terms of which on higher levels anyway such conservation laws are not clearly established as persisting in extreme singularity existence and non existence questions).

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Stepping in the Winos Pee by the Toilet in the Wee Hours of the Night  (a Rant)    Next Afternoon

The flow of these ideas was interrupted by winos who have threatened street people or those to whom they can take something- I cannot afford to move and technically I am just a visitor here... I know these people well and how they really think of the disabled.  They use the city slang as if it carries truth with it yet conveys not what it says about respect.  It is no point in talking to them as my roommate, who has abandoned art for now and thus our joint projects, because he does not recall conversations or he puts the oven on with a burrito in the plastic wrapper and sets it to 500F and rarely remembers to turn off burners.

To rant some yet try to top our the new ideas- it did slow me down- but the reason I post this now (and in matters of money for those who are managed by payees I regard my situation as if they are responsible for overstepping their bureaucratic authority and confidence of their wards that should not look for me as I avoid them.)  My roommate has no conception or it varies as far as Buddhism is concerned, I do not know what sort of diagnoisis this really is beyond the mixing of drugs and alcohol (of which the same old people in the streets are responsible for much of our community miseries for years.)  Some of the ideas above were an atempt to understand these wrinkles on the complexity of minds so it proved worth the posting,

But it is mostly written in what amounts to a shorthand with my own use of words which themselves are a shorthand akin to equations already a shorthand for these geometrical ideas- but they can be translated. If you do not understand then take it for the art's sake.

It is not clear that wormholes have the ability to connect people in some reported ways such as my friend and coincidences and the chi although I thought about some experiments to again try to influence some around me to do the right thing, but this while it works would be an act of revenge or anger and even then the gods sometimes have other reasons to intervene- which leads me to the sane thought of the geometrical dynamics that as the vectors can be described one to another only or between two both ways- the same description which is interesting as a metaphor for lovers, this needs generalization in terms of dynamic wormholes.

Otherwise, I hope the cloudy or drunken minds to not somehow influence my own higher thoughts or normal decisons as the quality of our friends or workplace or classrooms seems to do and where do not dare to be more than a number or stand out too far... those who do not understand themselves or as old as Aesop want approval for their life styles, drink with them, become one of them, snort Everclear from the bottom of a wine gas until your noses bleed but not believing this should happen do it again.  These people are immature in a sense and do not understand the subtle things of the nature of the self as they are caught up within it and worse go thru predictable cycles of which by now I should have known better when asked to move in again. Should I? People seem to me more than that somehow.

Or would it matter if in trying to find themselves in others, the so called friends who did not treat them well in life, mourn them and make it a tragedy, and so follow him into the river.  Only those on massive drugs who preach the earlier ideas of mental medicine tell me it is my fault for doing any project of business with the mentally ill. Of course I usually see the best in people and take what they say at face value.  But as the corporal said and now I understand the sentiment "Three generations of imbeciles is enough."  and if it comes down to it his other great saying people love until they find out who said it "when I hear the world culture I reach for my gun."  Our generation is one that thinks liberty and issues of value and slavery is persistent  and stable and one they do not take seriously enough to understand. Or we can let the fat government and their lenders be the payees.

Well, a rant after all and after some further sleep when the winos left...  My point is that there are no necessary connections between people like this but these are possible, and that if some of you look objectively you will realize that in perhaps an even higher generalization that these sorts of magical or mystical possibilities can be grounded in the real and are in a sense just as magical as our physics groundings. We can reach into the new unknowns of which we hesitated from our cave of perceptions after all, as over a few days my intuitions cautiously suggested for the truly new to come, perhaps short of Heaven.

I also toyed with the drawings on the computer and it usually results in some new understanding once seen I feel I should put it down but the intentions or expectations was not this, nor some urgency, nor even a sense of completeness for the creative soul tends not to want to shore up what has gone before in editing and consolidation of gains.  We poets seek he hegemony of freedom or the drama of sacrifice to the end even in the losing of battles- but to encourage these sorts of conclusions which is closer to some higher creative principle of ultimate concern, the mechanism behind it while my own does seem a goad to continue into the promised land beyond the path set there by destiny or unseen hands.

These detractors of the human spirit are lucky because I am a philosopher of sorts that did not crush them like they were but bugs- but I did not, and I still can, even at a distance, even before time and that can of wormholes.

 * * * * *
 Much later that afternoon:  I replaced an illustration that duplicated words on another, I meant to divide them up between two illustrations.  The yellow background is a close look at one of the first blooming dandelions...  symbolic perhaps of this level of dark matter in the core of galaxies- I mean I wonder what Lubos wants us to think about the results- that there is something concrete that undergoes dark matter annihilation or a the article says- maybe we should search for new resonances- perhaps new ideas on symmetry, susy or as I call it unususy.

I was thinking today of my lost poems of the five fold godhead that intuitively became the eight and so on with all the mirrors but this was pure metaphor and not really something like a counting structure.  That is the poems prepared me to understand the science.  Yet living this long, and talking to Ulla and Matti these are concerns that seems to me to have been in vogue in 95 or so seeming like going backwards a bit in theory time, especially before wide use of computers- I recall thinking in the immersion into a theory to understand it that we make a choice in the end to think more intuitively or more down to earth-  I have lived long enough to know that if we go too far in either direction it is hard to find the right paths in life, in thinking, in relationships, in beliefs, in security against what we are then half blind in knowing, including ourselves.  Prediction in science is not a simple thing- and is far greater than say our ideas of time travel or precognition.

* * * * *

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