Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chirality and Soma Cube Symmetry Invariant Labeling (an 'extraordinary' proof for Lubos)

Chirality and Soma Cube Symmetry Invariant Labeling (an 'extraordinary' proof for Lubos)

L. Edgar Otto   April 2, 2013

The nature of neutral, perhaps hidden or mirror things was on my mind tonight. For some reason I connected with an old post of Lubos on CPT I relate to structural chirality thru the smart phone-  from the start this was a difference between us in his defense of the standard theory... this of course applies to the ongoing data an ideas concerning the Higgs and of special interest to me a possible difference in the nature of the top quark, arithmetically as a rather more phantom like or superstring like particle in its own right. Can it be the closer we look into these things the more it fits the rigid idea of the standard theory where anomalies vanish by design? Of course we may not be able as physics stands today to prove these most ordinary ideas of our reality such as the deeper structures of the vacuum.  Lorentz invariants  itself is but a steppingstone to a higher part of the unified picture.

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