Thursday, April 11, 2013

String Quartets

String Quartets

L. Edgar Otto  11 April, 2013  9:48:20 PM

It may go without saying that we can imagine a continuous and ideal of heat transfer in continuous spaces implied in the flatland of branes, as a unity or a moving scale transition over narrowly defined natural dimensions.

Below the brane level, a the primitive idea of a string as a comprehensive theory or set of such, we have to question the assumption these vibrate in narrow ways.  It is possible that a string can change both quantatively and qualitatively, and in a wider local expression of quasicity, its frequency or other aspects of vibrations.  These can be represented in the notation of abstract quasic motion between paths thru the subcells of orthogons in the span of a strings given dimensions including a more general idea of particle generations.  This is vaguely akin to the idea of neutrinos changing its generations but on at least once higher generalization level.

A simpler description would be to make at least one path analogy, simple and fractal like, open or closed in loops or the geometries of curvature and complex fields, of the "stereonometron" three space representations into higher spaces.  Certainly we find here not only issues of information and the nature of its flow, but a relation to the ideas of heat itself where it is concieved as horizon limits or other ideas of symmetry- can we in fact consider such things as variation on say the h value in such a wider hierarchy if not finding or speculating on the grounds for the higher thermodynamic laws, that is those hints of them beyond entropy...

When we reach a system that fills its space in a sense as if it is an isolated system even the wider frontiers of competing social systems meets a new threshold of problems such as those of sustainability of resources, global warming, the number of denizens that may affect it, all of the questions our science does not clearly answer.

While such distribution or Vico like distance from a system in its view waters down the power of any subsystems, as if the genetic error of amoebas passed down to make its daughter cells less viable unto holographic thresholds of vanishing, those on the top at the time in trying to shore up the hegemony do not realize their stance is biased in the effect that they are the top of any social heap so act as if with moral authority like there is nothing higher.  Pure science should not be a refuge for such ideological scoundrels, nor the academic institutions in their isolated enclaves that give lip service to the idea but do not really benefit the state or community.  Shoring up such a system without wider theory as physics is inevitibly the second thermodynamic law as the only ground for science and the acceptence of diminishing returns.

We should know what we are doing if we are to survive a post-economic age where we do not have the trained wisdom to inquire carefully with all having informed conscent and access to data, but if history is a model of past states of awareness within reason although it seems clear and a given in itself, we complain about it but do not always do what perhaps we know deep down what we "ought" to do.  A system modeled after nature should as nature does, balance its freedom with its necessity that no catastrophic situation arises where self healing becomes no longer possible.

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April 12, 2013  02:15 am

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