Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Insei (meteors) Cloudy Spirits of the Air and Dimensionless Black Hole-like Creative Objects

Insei (meteors) Cloudy Spirits of the Air and Dimensionless Black Hole-like Creative Objects

L. Edgar Otto     30 April, 2013

yaan jinn - to some creative object that is concrete there exists a supersymmetic metaphorical counter particle, but one who is friendly to everybody is not so to anybody in particular.  Mathematically its energy of being feeds on negative space.

We can imagine one unified higher creative but negative entity that focuses or rules them all.

A material object, a fireball or meteor, does not necessarily permit as science such metaphysical fields or hidden objects, nor their influence in an evolving reductionist world. which is to say that an atom imagined as a quantum cloud as if a black hole has internal structure in zero vacuum but nothing that extends less than that as some sort of reality.

A black hole like object as a general cloud can be dimensionless, that is, extend over an indefinite or infinite region even as a flat continuum...its structural properties of the vacuum to an absolute nil and no further may not be contiguous, may overlap, may be invisible, and independent save by historical accident of development of concrete objects.  We could apply algebra laws but only from a quasifinite viewpoint if we establish hierarchies of categories.

Nature herself is not necessarily categorized, but where it can be it is quasireal as a concrete evolving as time.

The distributive laws extend abstractly but independently over such creative concrete relation of such general regions and once fixed in a distinct present are transitive over all general diffuse properties of mathematics while symmetrical.

These general ideas apply to our concepts of thermodynamics... In the interface between the implied core of greater complexity (nuclei or shell kernels in atomic models) a diffuse concrete (in the quantum sense) cloud description is more an atmosphere range of actions within the ends and beginnings of the the horizons.

The dimensions as natural (if better defined in context of intelligible laws of the universe as the Omnium) explain where the rate or motion is different from viewing these atmospheres as if from outside (that in finite terms an ambiguous concept) such as our many examples on all scales- the boundary of protons, the reverse spin seen in some barred galaxies, the equator faster than the poles in the sun, or the core of the earth faster in rotation than its mantle... In this sense we may well imagine something that does not hold up in the normal descriptions of obviously true concrete physics such as the constancy of the velocity of light over time.

A creative cloud, centered and neutral, that is not positive or negative from any general reference frame, does not necessarily cohere or decohere where it is quasi-diffuse  thus after the summation of a sufficient grounding of bits and the passing of time to send signals, the pattern of complexity of diverse things in the universe is possible and the direction between the horizons, or sets of multiple horizons of such insei atmospheres is a constant difference- as well within observable bounds the creative objects and their properties tend to be conserved, dream-share space paradrone and paraclone intelligible meet between the discrete and continuous, between the Lie and the Klein group considerations that correspond globally as well as existentially.  Information and complexity also need a more general and clear definition as do dimensions and group ideas.

The center or focus of a creative universe trumps that of what of necessity seems to be the patterns and physics of its observable or reasonably extended laws just beyond the observation of its parts- but the universe is not necessarily something that meaningfully can be measured by a beginning or end as the physics of some degrees of order.  The issues of free will and determinism meet in this place of an intelligible blend of which our perceptions and interpretations may develop them as if independent axioms.

Between our sense of the unity of being, the slashing of the Gordian knots of pattern complexity, and the radical clinging in our playing with light or thoughts on it, falls a greater truth.

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