Thursday, April 11, 2013



L. Edgar Otto   Thursday, 11 April, 2013  05:43:47 PM

Quasic concepts of Casmir like super-fractal proximity to a plane of substance as an Escher-like Illusion space of multidimensional null interactive branes apply to the force properties of materials such as graphene or other forms of a more general color chemistry.

The notation for the jack stone 30 cubes and the resulting superimposed sub-cells in the perspective suggest this.

I notice this blog post today tries to understand duality in relation to branes and so on... I took and old cube representation today while waiting for my laundry  to finish for something to draw but did not choose to pursue the directions of the results of this drawing to again find something synchronously posted on blogspot-  perhaps such nodes of our independent or interlinked subjective experience rise and fall in potential like the flow of the shadow particles thru a brane as flatland as we debate, come closer or further away from some more unified description of symmetry and so on in our universe.

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