Friday, April 12, 2013

Prima Feria (The First of Holidays)

Prima Feria  (The First of Holidays)

L. Edgar Otto    12 April, 2013  08:03:14

We toss the stones that they land in chalk drawn boxes on the sidewalk...if we miss go back to start the path again,
The dream some moral lesson, snakes & ladders
all contained, rainy day board game, or we weigh a
Chain of chances, all there is, our effort skipping stones

Time like matter changes, slows down, grows heavy, as we ride the light until the world's end comes last Thursday yet
As some say the light as well as shadow speeds up, slows down, time our saddle ground, pink unicorns if anything or
Clockwork planet gods replaced five fold week of holy days

Jumping branches, descent to vanished work to motes of dust we cannot see or the great horizon wall our holodeck
Only to climb out from the sea this time around yet once
walking upright, balanced on our ten fold toes

* * * * *

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