Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nature's Integrated Circuits Spinning Monopoles

Nature's Integrated Circuits Spinning Monopoles

L. Edgar Otto   April 4, 2013

I was working out the notation for Hilbert fractal space fillers (but as discrete in quasic generations and the successive symmetry dividing things horizontally and vertically in those sorts of matrices) putting it into the high level language of a color code.  The resulting color pattern, one fourth of the totality of 64 and here in the span indefinitely repeated, and the quason or point axial Uranoid of Eddington fourfold again for his monomarks (number of protons or electrons in his universe) starting one jump I can interpret as a dynamic motion thru the fractal (that can go in both directions as things time-like and small can do).  I found the pattern pleasing despite its flat randomness of the six colors, a sort of hidden beauty.

But the idea I find interesting and more along the lines of the usual ideas of field physics or even the intuitions of Kea on the subject of quark comparison with electrons and so on by matrix methods is that we can have neutral spin and partial spin of a foundational entity like a monopole.  Can it be in supersymmetry like realms that a spinning one pole can in fact couple with or induce an electric field like in relativity only one can induce the other sorts of field?  I mean the inverse square laws can be applied separately to magnetism and electrostatics in the same pattern (as that of gravity btw).

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