Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Borg Sea Project

The Borg Sea Project

L. Edgar Otto  24 April, 2013

Concepts of energy by virtue of structure or by our foamy measure of change we ask if it is intelligible that the universe may contain mechanisms for its observation and gathering from hidden or alternative physics.

But where we can understand a global or more general context should we not speculate on the consequences, some but rumors, some to be withheld for their value or our fear to face that unknown?

The frontiers of theory and research may be as rich as it reduces to lukewarm trivialities.  The great enterprise as some form of power or wisdom covers the earth has us all a constant thing as well as shape changers.  We, as in the speculative fiction are Odo's up from some shared sea of our home planet or we cannot resist against the laws of the universe as we are incorporated into the cube or pyramid of some material heaven, a linked mind where all eyes see what one nameless soul can, half man and half machine.  Even the machines it seems have to sleep, rejuvenate, recharge.

The simple act of existing senses the up and down, its strangeness and its charm, its cold truth or seething beauty, like the poet I follow in my blog at the change of spring the heat kills off the daffydown lilies- or as poetry can be a self centered or incestuous thing I always thought of them as spring and tho my heart if it does awaken sleeps in a deeper ground, its bulb, that as in rescue and emergency the saying goes that "Nothing cold can be declared dead."  Let us recall that energy was at first a poetic word.

That said, I can imagine the possibility in detail that such a thing may be there before us as I review and learn what for me should send shivers up all our spines, the structure of the atom itself, and how all this fits the pattern and relationships of complexity in our genomes.

Not that we may fall of the end of the world into some catastrophe so to use the phrase of a young man excited to discover things in science secrets there we do not want to know, rather that it makes little sense when we are capable of clear objectivity that in this world so many in complacency despite the assertions of environmental change, for that and for science in the service of man- they do not want to know.

In a richer world it is not necessarily gospel that our frustrations lead to aggression, nor that given the opportunity to inquire those outside the mythical bell curve can find guarantees the world a consummate frivalry, or set in certainties.  But this is as much a reevaluation and interpretation as philosophy as much as that claimed as science.  Can we even know, given our powerful wisdom or knowledge not quiet powerful enough to explain some ordinary things not to mention extraordinary claims for what is possible in theory, say cold fusion, but not practical nor predictable if anything can be shown to be so yet not forbidden- such claims like raising the dead with a following in Europe that flourished but not in England where they permitted a public demonstration.

Can we really say we know how things work, say how they are amplified in imaginary loops, zoomed from the inherent vibration energy of some sea of differences in space? Or as the quantum physicists like Pagels seem drawn to mountaintops (and yes only to prophesy in dreams that they fall down) as if to flee inland from a Borg like determinism of waves over the earth, we to echo eka-system parallels of our crawling out from the shores?  The finite and the endless continuum where they meet and we like Newton skip stones into the checked sea- some of our equations vanish at the next wave or in a hundred years with the ever present mystery of the tides.

Is it not clear by now things are not quite that simple at the very core of theory?  Vuyk in a parallel but more up to date system relates what can be a relation, that of as Penrose said stars the makers of entropy and black holes the eaters.  But now we reached the final frontier for now at least, that of the great map of the cosmic background, and of the lowly field mote of dust that gives its weight to all.  The truth of these things not only can be lost in our passionate sense of beauty but new mysteries are lost in a sea of overwhelming so buried anomalies.

Why do we debate the idea of some form of a four way deal of higher dimensions at least?  Is the question of environment or inheritance now a moot question, is the man or machine a resolved problem only good for mass entertainment in our media?  Why can we not go beyond these old country ways as we break like a mirror into a zillion photographs of a digital world... the shattered pieces fading in descent or somehow given back to the glory of the whole like the Day-star of Ba-hai, his sayings not that far from some theory of holographic images- after all in connectivism our brain nerve trees seem to suggest this organization as well...

Seaborg, where in the universe short of say in a structured quasar may we find the elements of a higher periodic table- that is were even if we imagine one that is described as well unfolded and divided into shadows?  But the surface of such things we try to walk on, gauge our spins and centers, vallies and mountains, find conservation's balances zero or some whole- is it not possible we only understand in this rather thin atmosphere only a few miles high but tens of thousands in its span?

That sometimes the spacious skin can hold our self inflicted contradictions including the prime one: that we say things are intelligible and have a common grounding, that is we persist against it but claim some unity in the whole.  I say this, what is the boundary is not different in illusion than what it may in the emptiness of wider dimensions contain.  As I said, and why look down upon the disabled in the public bus- that can only raise in you the question that wisdom could be relative depending on the reference frame and so on... But this is no good reason to abandon our projects or sell them out for pointless gain... it is the atmosphere we breathe. It is the costly waste like war of self deception and the struggle to work lies for others- we both a private and public species.

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  1. Really good to science and philosophy beginning to hold hands again.

  2. I put my site back. I had to "clean" it up a bit that was the "request" I got. But now I have an open channel with interested party. That's a great news!

  3. :-) Good for you and thanks for the comment... my video projects are on hold as I learn the techonology so I will do some music first.

  4. What do you think of this experiment?

  5. Kimmo, sometimes the simplest experiment can show us overlooked facts. The spirit of such inquiry is a precious thing that leads to future science and scientists. Keep up your enthusiasm. But I had a hard time reading the instruments and figuring out what I was seeing it was doing- yet the links on radiation suggested that there was something important there we should look at whatever terms we may want to include such effects into our explanations by mathematics.

  6. You should select HD resolution when you view the video. It can be selected from that toothed wheel symbol.

  7. Thanks, I wondered why my youtube music and other videos (some kitchen experiments also if they channels ledgarotto ever get merged as I am still trying to clean them up, look good and we not lost in resolution in the transition. I do depend on this generation savvy with the smartphone and tablet world but we have difficultly in any generation- I look to the future beyond all this. Also just out of vista and flash drives there about two hundred things I have to do just to not mix things up between all systems, passwords, programs, drivers, just to get on line. Sometimes the old technology should not be forgotten- sometimes we should not keep everything in a cloud, I will miss CD's and the days of radio where all systems mixed lets us only do one at a time and not multitask... I have found things too slow... beginning with touch typing on a small screen.

  8. You put it so well...