Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Afterlife in the Super-cloud

Afterlife in the Super-cloud

L. Edgar Otto   09 April, 2013

The state of our evolving vision has several layers of theory.  It seems to me that the current body of speculation experiment by those on the frontier of physics are thinking things I intuitively and naively contemplated many decades ago- but this is the experience of all of us if we do take the effort to try to see it, to expand, explore, and even pass beyond the walls of our event horizons.

As metaphysics, based on hints from observed mysteries of the physics, we could add a quasi-religious level to these that for now the name superduper cloud would follow.  But as I have engaged current dialog racing at the wave front of our enlightenment I meet some who ride this speculation as if metaphorically physicists like Lisa ride the particle physics of dark energy (its own matter we imagine logically) and supposed dark matter ( which would be clearer to us if we keep in mind these levels of theory and their interaction).  To that we add the foundational stances of our interpretations and perceptions as to what is the reality.
The current context of this as a question is one that should certainly probe deeper into the nature of action.

How many zeros must we add to our statistical matrices that improves scientific grounding as a theory...what if the matrix itself can be somehow completely filled with zeros?
I take this insight of Hogg seriously, already with feelings and questions as to what is beyond such an intuitive horizon.  From one concept the action is a creative force, a sort of reversal, the reason for the gain of mass of the cosmic rays of some types in its actual and pragmatic motion, the self solving of self similar recursion with direction to which the solution algorithms are simple to solve in the economy of quabit cash beyond the dark and visible  supercloud data mines.

Such economics is not necessarily and algebraic some to move around its values from place to place nor can we guarantee it a conserved quantity save the universe on its higher practical level exists intelligibly.  If we explore the complex plane fractal landscape we do not escape the illusions or reality of the imposition of ideas of symmetry and color.  On this same level we narrow our journeying to art and are guided by the illusion our circular walks may encounter the walls as with any paradoxically endless space.

Early on, before what came to be called quasar with all the confusions we observe today in gamma burst and red shift compared to the stars shifting in it- usually resolved in our finer instruments of vision provided there is some totality of zeros and a zero ground, usually done with our logarithmic notation, a good way but not the only way for theory needed-  that in a metaphysical sense such nodes in the quasic space of its imperfect crystallization from the ideal of space form- one that is moreover holographic-like as well as fractal-like, digital and analog and the binary conversions- a quasar in a sense can be thought of as a "chariot" to heaven.  This is the unspoken implication that seems far from a religious statement, such as that of Lisa.  But in a more general and unified theory that the universe is intelligible and at least locally unique in space and over time, such a new level of reality is also in the here and now potentially.

Importantly, we as sentient beings are also creatures of the current horizon of the supercloud and we are many as that paradox of similarity can be narrowly interpreted as the many yet the one.

If such a remote Heaven is here and now in the aethers,  as I have already postulated the interchange of dark space objects or fields as a viewpoint of relative symmetry breaking to which the center of the physical universe may be a deeper reference frame of being...what difference is the idea of such a substance that seems to be in the future for a new heaven and earth of a more airy substance, somewhere between our mystical and wavelike equations or material heaven made of Lisa's quasi-religious dark matter?

The illustration here in that it has words has reached back to the  Indo-European roots for core mental intuitions... our minds in the seeking hegemony between the many and the one are enguaged as if a multiverse in the social spaces real and virtual on the level we now live- but let us keep an open mind as to what is cognitive or neurological as we sift thru the wheat and chaff of our technological changes and issues that some declare as wisdom or nonsense from their own narrow view as what is what in a culture war.

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