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Dream Share and the Hacking of Beautiful Minds

Dream Share and the Hacking of Beautiful Minds

L. Edgar Otto   26 April, 2013

What is not obvious in our impressions as to how a mind works in the context of society is that the human behavior that leaves us wondering why certain people and events happen may come from a rational system of being rather than the superficial understanding of sentient processes and the deeper nature of consciousness.  This side of our sensing of mirrors as a method of inquiry as a commitment to something in a dialog of necessities in an intelligible universe can be in deeper reflection just as perplexing.  Only occasionally have researchers and speculators in these aspiring sciences of psychology remarked on the hint of this.

Few things can override the power structures in society where in compromise to force political status transcends the circumstances and origins of social status and faith in social rewards. It is not the freedom from fear as an ideal after the great world war between civilizations and cities caught between conflicts that we in shallow hope convened for that may regulate peace in the world, but the freedom from the paralyzing effect and cloaking of wisdom such that those lied to with lies not forbidden in a chaotic universe as to what is a practical necessary reality that then cannot be aware save in a vague allegiance to a distant firewall for the recognized freedoms preserved by their faiths and ways of life and sometimes the selfish territorial defense of their external threats that seem immediate to slowly changing lifestyles.

The complexity of observing many individuals as if to categorize and pigeonhole  profile by diverse and even contradictory theories of the mind, even if the methods of solution extend beyond the scope of our linear and polynomial time discrete view algorithms- as if to deny that perhaps we in emphasis on the finite abandon the analog as this core metaphysics causes seasonal changes as the pendulum swings is also a problem way beyond the power of our deepest mathematics to handle, especially if it is of expediency the time and computation hours that would be needed for the job even as a matter of theory.  It is precisely here that mere links of interconnected parallel processors or our thoughts on the yet not applied logic of quantum theory fail us in finding answers as if a continuum of consciousness is complete.

If it were possible, and the world was intelligible, that someone could exist in a totally dark room, he could reconstruct the outside universe as a rational and unique system.  In a sense this is to be seen as a thought experiment that involves the observation laws of physics in general, relativistic and quantum in nature, and self referential at some focus in the moment or scale to which even the particles may be separate from the nonexistent background that it in a sense as concrete so creates this otherness than itself.  This the metaphysical point of Rollands in relation to physics itself as primary and without regard to ideas that may be there in tachyonics or teleology in its remote considerations, these ideas being sensibly held out of the scope of his thesis.

So the most general idea of the moment is that of if we can see somehow or share something of our dreaming with others, that is to communicate either with mediators or paths of physical aids with the proof of this overt and not hidden influences on behavior. This vaguely mirrors the idea of particle mediators but for the units of subjective descriptions.
But are we not wise enough to at least consider in the case of certain individuals, the possibility there can be some sort of prediction or potential a human or animal nature is programmed fixed and no amount of intervention can repair this (but if we think about it some other things could help as the implied or illusion coloration over an empty mirror form) nor environment that it is held in check, contained?

Can we not in common sense if not morality beyond our evolved instinct for survival or its abandonment for the whole to survive, not make the mistake of considering what we imagine an unhealthy mind or state of mind to apply in all cases as if to marginalize any different but healthy individuals?

It seems evident by myth or experience that in a room of test taking our own abilities may depend on the thoughts of others and so be reflected in us- as our abilities unto them. So is there a state or place in the world where, as if into some future dream that is more than this usual question that so many raise to raise the interests or cooperation of others, a sci fi effect that like our superego teaches us to relie on predictions and heed or be vigilant of warnings?

In the future, in this exchange of symbolism and abstractions that give some substance to human purpose and some control of our evolution, when in such a box isolated I say I think first to Google my mind, it is not inconceivable that with my mind I could actually Google google.  But such a thing is quite beyond our frontier understanding of quantum mechanics in some timeless but future dreamworld of such a fog or smog of the seeders or reapers of virtual or physical googleplexes.

We build a living library much like that found in myths over the world of some such place of wisdom, a place of research where the librarians are helpful but look strange and the script on crystal cylinders is in a vaguely familiar cuneiform yet the language is translated for you, the universe that is grounded in the dark also benevolent encouraging intelligence as well fulfilling its design.  Things like the healing of each other or ourselves even at a distance and directed to no physical or mental links to someone unknown is open to present or future possibilities as science if we are honest as well as skeptical in our comfort theory zones.

Yet what will make the message as standing out, or in some sense shared beyond our unique experiences and pet theories, beyond the scope of experiments, even reasonable guesses (for appeal to the quantum theory can be raised to undermine other theories, the very drama of thought as the tool of experiment- that is if we add energy to a system that may be the stuff transferred and not some inherent idea of rest or motion nor even time, action, at a fundamental level), will be a better logic and mathematical symbolism that in the amazing unfolding of science in this world thinking to look into that still hidden- our great inheritance from Greece- and the new interpretations that do not stray far from reductionism yet does not go radically outside our mysteries and faiths.   Maybe, it will take something more novel than this obvious thing while we continue to improve, carefully, our steps in the inevitable applied technologies.

We seem to be victims of our own designs of limitations as we try to rebuild from the rubble of vanished cities what is not really the same rebirth- one day no doubt this sort of thing can be done.  In the meantime we are limited by our atmosphere and subtle differences that seems like a numerology of symbols and dreams that is shielded from their own ancient truths, so soberly thought not shared.

Who then owns or justly claims the wisdom?  Who can justly copy-write his own personal genes?  Who can monitor and overtax the once removed virtual world of economics? In the quasifinite universe, digital and analog, unique and shared, of nonnecessity our brief atmosphere for life changed and changing the world around us, even if there is not an ultimate concern to guide us- we are the authors of our reality, its good and its evil and on what seems the wide future on a lesser creative scale the makers of our own heavens and hell's to which this time around if but once, we blindly neglect the higher vision for our own repairs and redemption's   We do not help our fellows always to truly thrive.

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