Friday, April 19, 2013

Quasi-Religious Theories of Everything

Quasi-Religious Theories of Everything 

L. Edgar Otto   April 19, 2013

This illustration was not intended in the modern once and only exhibition or experience as irreverence in art or for what we have to get thru in our day... a post-modern philosophy of science.  It raises the foundational questions like what is the relation between that hidden in the nothingness and its descent into materialism. 

In our meditations we wonder as best we can with earthly metaphors what from the viewpoint of life as a force and a quasifinite universe that persists more shallow questions such as "Did Adam have a belly button? But this is not to say our attempts, as if arising in perfection will be shallow in our knowing- not if we share something of the beyond that seems to be a condition or force of creativity we share with it.

The large capital Pi with a minus 1 subscript is the conventional symbol for the "null polytope".

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In yesterday's post I remind the viewer of the illustration that some things I do for the cross-eyed tiling illusion effects such as the flatland of the orientation of symmetries of the repeated little five fold color rectangles.  If one views them this way the result is our gazing into a three dimensional landscape in which it seems that we are hovering over series of mountain ranges of various sizes as far as the border and we can see.

I include a slightly better one to view here... and  a general procedure for the five fold and dimensional view in the quasic patterns recursively...beyond the parts of the drawing shown... but as there is complexity and apparent chaos on higher level but blurring scales of focus while the quasic symmetry principles are dimensionless and scaleless in values (quasi-continuous)  Dirac and Eddingtion were right Lubos! and despite how you see things string theory has the same concerns - we can describe loops and contours and local conservation as well as mirroring the regions in binary code as the lesser truth of fundamental theorems as in the calculus... thus we can have cloud like regions positive as observed that allow star creation with an overall variation in the ability to do this over time or with catastrophe, explosions as leaps or jumps...  Still, what resolves to jumping paths or wormholes persist as if in a hierarchy, dynamically over the linear and factored times (scale is primitively an issue of the square root of the gauge.)

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