Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dream-Board Dream-Printing thru the Dream Brane

Dream-Board Dream-Printing thru the Dream Brane

L. Edgar Otto April 16, 2013

The unity of our experience as material and sentient creatures seems to be torn as to how we understand and feel aware of our own reflections. We deny that hidden to us as if a mirror of the visible galaxy or some mote of what we imagine an indivisible and solid speck of dust exists in depth more than an implied ground for explanations by a structured vacuum or emptiness. This point of philosophy or metaphysics goes deep into our intellectual history and the recorded arts to which we paint our cave walls since the dreamtime.

The wholeness of the architecture of our mind-body souls may as a necessity with ongoing and evolving variations, jumps or breaks like mutations in a quasifinite universe, has to be this way. Yet it grounds our ability to dream and to do science in the freedom of inquiry so as to design and affect our social and physical environment. It is not clear we can see beyond the limits of our imagination or into the dreams of each others directly or beyond that imagination that would exceed the Being of our reality as universe. We can all too easily, with insufficient depth and dark imagination conjure for all practical purposes dark elements that touch us, postulate hidden and broken levels of conscious sources as if motives of which we cannot disprove.

Nor do some people react well to the idea or stances of change in perception of the reality or myth that there are benevolent forces in the equal finality of the Good in this world. This grounding our reasons by faith including some of our languages and equations, our arts and symbols, and our logic as far as we can design or discover it.

As a metaphor then, we as the center or the universe of discourse and in the surprise of dialog, that justified over- or under-estimation of ourselves where life, especially the life of the mind and learning, is a tightrope between unknowns in a half infinite epic journey between comedy and tragedy. We are the actors as well the writers of the script and it remains an open question if we or some other force creates or rearranges the acts, the curtains, and the stage.

For the awakening mind our path may be a labyrinth or a maze with a center or not to which we can find by method or chance, wander aimless in loops, or escape... or we may fly above the plain as we plot the graphs on our dream boards with our Icarus wings of wax so to imagine some higher theory or being, a higher sun, reach what amounts to the touching a failed star rebuffed as if it a brick wall of some shape or higher cave at a horizon.

It is difficult to hold these great grand ideas in our heads, to say by some analogy thought accurate of all such analogies, the geometric and the sense of certainty in a closed measure counting system that we are semi- or hemi- gods made of one substance yet of mind and of flesh. We can picture, paint in our dreams analogies of concepts and imagination that if there is, Urantia like in that tradition based on ideas as a byproduct of our deeper fictions, that if there is a mirror galaxy each with its own god in a sort of tablecloth fractal hierarchy then that indeed despite our methods of skepticism and reductionism as science there would be as godlike as we feel the mortal scandal of being just a little more complex than machines. Here we fall into broken implications with a higher unified theory at least as physics.

The occasion of this writing comes as I recall the awakening ending of drawing on a dreambrane, painting on it and so recording as to post it in my awakened real and virtual world. It probably comes from that hypnotic state when closing ones eyes after seeing the white line pass by for hours on a highway or in my case all the white small marshmallows and toothpick structures of lattices in three space until those by exploration seems nearly exhausted that such visualization persists in our sleep. As if the solution, quantum like when the sparks of a machine is turned off so we imagine more intricate if not faster forms of computation- an idea which in the stance that quantum theory should remain mysterious certainly gives us a sense of mystery of our physical and familiar world.

Also my realization upon awakening I may have fallen into that bottleneck of false pronouncements so to declare that while we may find the patterns over our brains that vaguely seem to paint on the screen our dreams independent of their interpretation or certainty of choices in our seeing in the mind so resolving to unique but different possible patterns by new methods neuroscience and expensive magnetic machines applied, that we cannot record or probe the depth of our human dreams.

Yet, what about doing so within the dream itself. This certainly seems we can do and so record them for later use just as we try to do with the higher level languages of our logic programs such as paint in this computer age. Or we may just ride over such things as if we but enjoy the strangeness and novelty without deep thought, share applications. I suggest that if we can take such a screen from such a dream board and either as I am doing here report it in words and symbols, intellectual formalities, or literally connect or influence the physical pixels on a screen, or with still higher understanding of what is the nature of the flux of time and its apparent coincidences and collective synchronicity- that all this amounts to evidence of a more general theory of what we are and the world is and can be new this side of that unknown.

Vaguely, as I paint on my dreamboard it seems to contain mucous like levels and it starts with three dimensions in it flatland physics. I note that terms like dreamspace or dreamweaver are taken but in a general sense they may just as well apply. The problem then is what we accept or not as to how to or if it is possible to transfer directly this sort of meditation with awareness like experience to our awakened physical space in the semi-virtual world we feel at home with in our new age of such technology at the threshold of new wealth by machines- certainly the depth of this knowing will be of a freely chosen philosophy by which past actions of pointless violence will be vanished along with the essential rumors buried and forgotten of what in this generation seems its nightmares.

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