Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Half Symmetric Soma (Quasifinite Iota) Particles

Half Symmetric Soma (Quasifinite Iota) Particles

L. Edgar Otto  April 3, 2013

If we allow partial symmetries to combine, treating each soma cell as if it were a particle from one view or a a continuous entity (such as a string or wave) from another view... or as an iota, a particle which is both, and ray like with direction or changes over time, the dynamic unity of zero times infinity as the general Law of Omnium, we find vastly more complicated patterns of interaction at any state of a totality of particles.

I thought I might add to this as the illustration in the previous Plate 7 was a little ambiguous due to I not explicitly showing the confluence of symbols as colors or shapes as if these half of symmetries for a given configuration presumed to be neutral and capable of charge interchanging with each other, in the deeper symmetry in fact were different path decay directions that bare hidden color information.  This sort of higher principle of duality is deeper than simply the duality of Platonic solids and there analogs in projection.

This core ambiguity of world views as toward a physics would intuitively or synthetically imagine a neutral particle or structure as composes of say 3 or 4 sub vibration string like objects  or some indefinite greater number of even deeper symmetries (that complicated level of things beyond this simple or "natural" dimensions as the realm of Pitkanen's insights) such as Vuyk's architectural designs imagined for black holes that for me I imagined at first (1968) the electron say was composed of discrete particles (iotas).  The truth I think now something quasifinite and in between, and dynamic to the totality of the Omnium.

This argument  by the way, may be useful for how we interpret say the source of positron-electron difference as to it being evidence of the so called dark matter or for those whose physics starts out continuous but resolves to discrete, their dreamed of dark matter particles. (again half a picture).  These core stances between theoreticians can be imagined classified so to explore differences where the spirit of an idea by experiment or thought is really another form of the same sort of pattern recognition in a more general theory,
a project I suggested may be a useful one for the visitors to Gibbs blog.

Of the possible patterns I chose some solutions to the soma cube puzzle at random.

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April 4th 2013 01:18am

I just watched a good program on Wisconsin Public Television and it occurred to me this was one of the principles where we need to clarify our shared or different theories with disambiguation.  Clearly, we use simple words imprecisely also (as in a recent Scientific American article on words like 'theory')... this problem is also one of right and left handedness for particles, time, the universe...neutral as identical particles and the idea of links as if entangled actions at a distance- or that the differences on the surface of such ultranscontinuum universe conceptions vanish so seem in balance.

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