Monday, April 29, 2013

Symmetric Fun with Paragnomes

Symmetric Fun with Paragnomes

L. Edgar Otto   April 29, 2013

The accidental notation from a dream for the focused idea between dreamshare space and the objective natural world and some obvious words coined emphasize the greater generalization of our ideas on what in motion and rest in the dimensions of observed and calyptic dark space concepts.

The paraclone is not necessarily a paradrone and so on... the new philosophic creative object I style paragnome.

Yesterday I was honored by dialog on the vixra forum... I post this that we may try to gain insight on how we reason thru and debate certain issues... for me the string or loop theories and the nature of time from a higher view is not really unclear.  Many interesting comments can be found on those pages.

There really is not much to gain in the questions of conservation laws and the application of symmetry until there is a wider understanding of what we call dark matter- energy and so on. Until then there is only a bias of speculation which is a small step along the way to a less narrow theory. Are symmetries exact, become more so over change and time? How can we imagine such things without a deeper foundation than some cherished views let alone compare our visions? Until then the idea that the laws of nature are uniform is a simplistic idea adequate in its own century old era. Information and complexity theory is a better step toward this resolution of singularities and potential wider theories in such absolutes as emptiness. On some simple level of flatland such as string theory in a narrow or eternal sense some symmetries seem absolute and significant so they cannot be wrong as we defend them to ever more complex descent into mathematical analogies. The sad thing is that those in the denials in dispute between the relatively rational or irrational as nature decides despite what we think cannot see the instability and contradictions of their own stances…I agree with a lot said here such as the need for pragmatism and Orwin on logic. At least from a philosophic stance we can find all commentary humorous and much too cautious as well much to rash if anything in nature is intelligibly conserved. That includes our theory dreams an visions and metaphors of poetry in the world as well. Is a theory as Planck said, evolved only when the old generation dies off? or is uncertainty absolutely conserved? Even in the fractal world we do not quite match the forms with nature. One man’s Aristotle becomes and meets another’s Plato at some existential moment, surface of a mirror, in supersymmetry.
  • Robert L. Oldershaw says:
    I do not believe the situation is so opaque or ambiguous.
    In science, when you understand something then you can make multiple definitive predictions and they are subsequently verified. For example, General Relativity just passed yet another important test this week regarding the remarkable pulsar-white dwarf system.
    When you are having trouble even making truly definitive predictions (prior, feasibly tested, quantitative, non-adjustable and unique to the specific theory), let alone passing stringent predictions, then you know there is something deeply wrong with your assumptions and/or models.
    If we really want progress, we have to look more carefully at which ideas lead to successful predictions and which ideas do not.
    We have been failing at that important part of science for 30 years (seen any WIMPs lately?), and rather have relied on untested assumptions and faith in the wisdom of influential physicists.
    For example, scrap General Relativity for some “emergent” pipe dream? Sigh. Beyond words.

    • I predict we will not find any wimps or gravity waves either and that does not scrap general relativity or quantum theory… let us hope after decades of stagnation and fitful punctuated starts what emerges is a solid ability to influence and forecast our understanding of the mechanisms and notations we need. We could start by these naturally partly unconnected systems, such as the branes as part of a better intermittent (in both experiments and in thought) science that considers distinctions when these are viewed two or three dimensional in representations and that a basis for navigation that is not a vague opaque faith in quantum theory as a measure of our ignorance. Logic and history has its place, but whose history and over what hidden paths of higher integration


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