Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Delta-4 Honeycomb

The Delta-4 Honeycomb

L. Edgar Otto 18 April, 2013

The quantum theory is said a measure of our ignorance. This is not necessarily the case, rather the quantum theory is the necessity for it as a measure of our ignorance.

We do not have to make the assumption that the cosmos in any narrow sense resembles our concept of a cave or room with expanding or impenetrable walls. Nor do we have to consider it as an indefinite, infinite expanse as we feel home with enumerable convex semi-finite and discrete intelligible patterns. The Euclidean delta-4 honeycomb of Coxeter is flat, a plane and as it seems M-theory or string theory in its pre-M forms is abstractly a brane which as a comprehensive and exclusive span of landscape geometry is after all like a convex polytope of four space in its own right. One that compliments or related to by several dynamic visions of cosmological models to the idea of total emptiness or disorder at some point like sole singularity.

So what may string theory be a measure of if it is the only game in town for such exploration of theory? Perhaps with less narrow vision we may see that while the emphasis on the various forms of strings are also only appear to be a complete theory- that is, we have missed or remain fundamentally ignorant of other forms we did not think to include in our systems of enumeration. The debate as to if such dark string or hidden string theories exist outside the developed current regime will not be resolved by the ideas of the standard theory, nor of an appeal to geometries that we in our powerful and logical awakening have erected the generalization as physics of the non-Euclidean.

We simply just should not treat the information that is foundational to the theory regardless of what shortcuts or reduction to some level of complexity physics makes sense as if it were only a machine like developing discrete algorithm- rather we should also consider a more general and what appears now a superior human faculty context of patterns to which an open mind could learn to understand provided there is no arbitrary restriction to say his cultural or genetic endowments. In this sense we should have a wider view than just brute force exploration for analysis and discovery by the building as well interpretations we find as we grow past unclear limits by our finer instruments of technology. Of course as a working principle it should be clear to everyone that the abandonment as well the honest self-respect for the possibilities of basic research is in the main counter-productive to our pretensions that we have higher human worth and values.

From my view the missing link in cosmology, I refer here to another pronouncement by Hawking, is not a conceptual and cognitive issue of dark phenomena like dark energy but the scope of quasicity as part of the understanding of simple geometry and arithmetic and a little freedom to decide from what is a jumbled picture of data how we see and arrange the patterns as we interact with the vision so to see it in our minds.

It is understandable that we make mistakes as we try to adapt and learn though sometimes the mistakes are instructive to show a clearer picture- one persons great synthetic achievement of adding unity to it all while standing on the beginnings of systems of theory which diverge as if contradictory is another persons collapsing of brain wave functions into self imposed isolation against the threat of ignorance of the unknown into regions of fragmentation that insists it walls and decorates its cave to which the outside is a myth to ones total theory. We do not always repeat or escape the dynamic action of such flow but the general form of our sex, sensitivity and sentience since the beginning of life forms and external extinctions finds the same general array of mental patterns as well in such centralization the breaking into imagined diseases in the need for or defense of areas of general specialization. There may be no necessary ideals that exist as a given as we explore and claim our niches.

Virtually or in the real world it may not matter nor even be a trade off as to privacy in monitoring or recorded vision as in the prevalent cameras personally and in public everywhere for in the end one can ask just who does the viewing. In any case something has to change if we are to have a safer and less violent society beginning with abstract physics- sheep huddle in one strand or they should scatter that there is safety in the dispersal of targeted individuals.
Yet even that from a philosophic view may not matter for the actions undertaken have no relevance or value to the better world to come or the ability to influence conditions now. Foresight and prediction are not a simple flux in time.

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