Monday, April 15, 2013

Monopoles, Dark Matter Particles, Iotas and Other Paradoxical Myths

Monopoles, Dark Matter Particles, Iotas and Other Paradoxical Myths

L. Edgar Otto    April 15, 2013

I was going to append this photo to my last post but saw Matti Pikanen's post as I logged on so thought it might better be a topic of its own. the war on dark matter particles to me is really a question of a leap in our interpretations and understanding.  Much as in Conway's surreal number idea with direction we may erect on each point on a continuum a continuum some interpret what he does.

Let us consider the tetrahelix of three tetrahedra ( the next one on a higher structural level determines the sense of handedness of the helix) but if we imagine that next tetrahedron as if the analog with a center in four space connected to the three we have a whole new area of space possibilities of which there are simpler theories that try to build from these small parts the totality of higher space.

Let us not forget also that the coordinate center, shadow projected inward, as a distance for the tetrhedral coordinates  (1,0,0,0) (0,1,0,0) (0,0,1,0) (0,0,0,1) for wxyz the center is (phi, phi, phi, phi) which is part of the layering structures of quasicrystallization.

This is my comment I left on Pitkanen's blog:   Lubos take on the war against it linked here.

Hi Matti,

It has been awhile... this is a good post... if Dyson is considering such things we are in good company. Lubos acknowledges p-adics but dismisses these as new properties and wider space in his qm does not need any revision and is under attack by negative minds in his recent post. 

Now if you have managed to read my posts you will see I have covered pretty far into this sort of quasi crystal idea (again my quasics as a term has to be distinguished in places of the theory carefully) into wider spaces... after all the idea was part of Coxeters great book Regular Polytopes. In my discussion of fractal paths (superfractals) I relate to the finite (quasifinite) transforms by the usual Frouier discrete functions and draw a picture of how this relates to the meaning of the zeta of Riemann. Both the 3+1 and M4 formalism applies.

Now Lubos sees a war against the dark matter particle discovery so he says... this morning I add as a hypotheses that at the foundations such a dark matter particle would be the same as what we mean by a monopole in the quasic context... the questions of charge as fundamental, of matter, neutral and antimatter, time flow, even of what some actually mean by mini-black holes and so on that begs for a unified theory.

Enjoy and be aware of these ever more concrete new physics- I am glad to see you are holding the line as time mysteriously moves forward so to speak.


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also on face book a comment:  I talked about this on my pesla.blogspot  the problem is deeper than the ways we are trying to explore it and interpret it.  I suggest there are no wimps or they are rather lite in fact at the background and the world is full already of gammabursts of a higher nature. So on these unsolved problems to make us think about these abstract issues I post that the Dark Matter particle is the Monopole another unsloved issue.  I do not think as we exist in that tightrope of a unified theory or not one as such an issue that we cannot have an intelligible and integrated theory at least in terms of simple algebra and geometry.
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I am amazed that I take up a topic from out of nowhere and it becomes a hot one on the web--- from the beginning in the first windows  a poem submitted a week I would post a reply on the same topic at the same time...     just another observation on this eerie feeling of synchronicity

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