Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paradrone Technology and the Omnium as General Dark Theory

Paradrone Technology and the Omnium as General Dark Theory

(The Universe as Iota Numerology)

L. Edgar Otto     Sunday, 28 April, 2013 18:23:59

A paradrone can be conceived as if a coordinate in some vague and general space generalized to the model of reality as the Omnium which includes all scales from the smallest particle like objects to the universe-multiverse as design entities.

That which on the average, in the mainstream  appears hovering on the razor edge of  fixity and change, as irreversible time direction or chiral matter asymmetry is intimate to the foundations of all possible theories of everything and establishes relations as fixed akin to memory as fixing the idea subjectively as memory with its ongoing complexity and shadow cohering resistances, inertia's where observable  thus where concrete for all practical material effects.  This is a more general grounding for our ideas of mass and gravity and the mechanism where they may interact in the subdivisions of physics as descriptions.

At the middle scale, that under the range of laws in reality, the uroid between the omnium and iotas we suspect as in the matter of interpretation hinted at in contemplation and debate in quantum theory for reductionist material and subjective descriptions, here an entity being a self influencing observer influenced by its context in space- thus to relate the modern but lesser physical laws of quantum and relativity joint or independent, slashed operations logically, is a focusing itself as a quasi-virtual centering in multiplicity and connectivity, spacious singularities or a quasi-continuum of them.

Thus the paradrone is considered the ground for developmental technologies such that parallel monads of subjectivity also focus and establish cosmic structures in the geometric analogies or that of simple arithmetic- both in a sense a co-evolving context. The dark concept or hidden properties and their calyptic intelligibility around us suggests the paradrone singularity is also parallel in the sense of how we imagine the paranormal- yet in the physical world or memory that tentatively mimics it we find the frontier of the omnomic principle wherein rather than just a diffusion and descent into ultimate disorder thru the self recursion in a hierarchy of chaos science considerations (of which in principle the atmosphere between explicit layers condenses in zones of vagueness) we also find a theory or the universe and some effects in it such as the measure of particle parameter values, going from the vague in the experience direction of crystal clarity and better understanding as if no fixed or open end to such description.

This paranormal concept does not necessarily suggest worlds there or not beyond the tension between the idea of multiverse or one unique universe although creative tracts in this vein, in what to the world appears as fantasy, are proven either way at some foundational philosophy.  What it seem to do is suggest that this is precisely where our paradoxes slash hopeless contradictions meet as if a formal science, one beyond the usual faith in psychology and neurology across the range of sensing methods of species.  If dark or opaque forces or falls exist they most likely correspond to the force or fall, acceleration or mirror of effects of material expansion, all around us and within us that we blind to them directly should realize consciousness itself if to be seen as scientific rather than metaphysical takes on the core properties of a paradrone singularity of which our ideas in real or dream space may correspond.

Our understanding of such general foundational theories is itself in the remote ends and beginnings, at the existential instant which can be expanded as a spacious vacuum now via the ideas of more general groups and dimensions has to go beyond a narrow flatland of some theory of relations between the physical and so called neutral dark spaces that it at least explores the third (and this can be extended to a higher sort of number in the count) or quasic physics that considers the discrete as well the analog so may slash blend them in the various logical (or apparently irrational) ways.  This too a grounding for fixity and change of our fundamental theories of form and process, of nature. It extends our notations and concepts, and worldview method beyond the straitjacket of only linear levels of complexity but not necessarily as a vague non-linearity where the flow of the evolving omnium self played and self observing and embedded in several independent or merging contexts ground laws that they be rationally constrained that in such evolving thought and life as well the universe can be intelligibly modified yet constrained as quasi-universal creative laws.

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Footnote:  I again apologize for the specialized terminology which over these post pages has evolved and even undergone certain philosophic revisions- but I address possible future generations and historians.  This language is no more obscure or difficult than some of our conventions of equations but as a habit of poetry it condenses the meanings that what was written makes sense even if in the end it true only to its creative inner law. I find it a tool in aid to the inquiring and in that we parallel the workings of the universe to explain to others we have to learn, recreate the totality, and understand what we think and say to ourselves, at least on some level of comprehension.  Any errors are not necessarily a fault as my own, but is that not how we share our dreams and work out our reality aware or not of each other, or even the shadows of the gods, together?

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