Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fearing Idols of the Marketplace

Fearing Idols of the Marketplace

(Our Drive toward Virtual Taverns to Share Saloons)

L. Edgar Otto Sunday, 21 April, 2013

Toxic rivers flow inland in the watershed of our
horizons in fear or fear not felt, illusions held distant
Between the crisis flight suspending time into itself
we like flying squires could never touch the ground,
Perpetual In motion yet to over plant the acorns, old growth seed, forgotten at the planting, leaving caves,
Empty hearts forever not disturbed in nesting rest, hibernation, awakened sleep by season's incubation, Our stale fluids flowing out to pristine boundless seas

Stuttering and tongue tied what you call your poetic slogans, a drunkard's tune your belonging an anthem
Until strapped to your vest your loneliness goes nova
taking indifferent crowds, rewards returned with you
As if the shock waves in the cloudy emptiness can curl up storms of dust, terror terraform the same stars
What is this doppelganger in our privacy to abort the promise for expectations standing on mountains past, shadow worlds
Umbilical the old coat hanger tourniquets in anger

Loners following their boners in search of plenty fish
shot in a barrels contained virtual fantasy, higher seas
Asking in their hearts for so little yet everything, the access thru swinging doors or revolving doors hiding Under clothes play hide and seek department stores presenting colors true and false to the perfumed wind
Turnkeys and doormen take their cut and they adored
for their sacrifice and protection, forgiven their neglect
Of vigilance standing into danger shared in innocence

Come with me until the bar close that after bar we can gaze at each others curly twinkle toes share the cave With togetherness in Paradise to know and knows that inside or outside our hearts no difference or if an end
Some vague dream where we begin, find the haven
your lighthouse and discerned skies away from storms
Star-crossed, surprised but some wink ship in the night
echoes, empty shells, hints terra firma walks of shame
Try to care for the land crawling out an endless game.

The Great Bear once had a tail that points thru the hunter to the Virgin, ice clad glacial thick its armor
Skin to bear awakening too soon in winter and hungry
the mesmerizing wound of lunatics meet the braided
Rings of Father Time, illusion vanished as godhead
dethroned by indifferent beak the swan, the tastes and
Glory of young men, Ganymede, as pure as they're angry, conniving wives alarmists lies or abusive bolts of lightning, Entering the tunnel of Love more frightening

But that Bear watering his mouth seeks a North Star
Now thru an hourglass in spin finds all targets moving.

* * * * *

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