Monday, April 15, 2013

Principia Quasica

Principia Quasica

L. Edgar Otto    April 15, 2013

The creative artist stands out in awareness, sentience on some ground to which we imagine the physics of mechanics as inorganic. But on such a ground we are free to create so vary our designs in an artistic mood, to marry the idea of proof and improvisation. If we find limits to our resources and imagination, learn in fits and starts and running our sense of our creation as correct to the ground then in the missing step between laws life-like and laws concrete in structure, we in looking back at our progress may know how to correct, even forgive, our errors.

This is the key concept to which our generation explores in theory and experiment in that question of a wider or total theory of mathematical physics, for in the union of that of quantum uncertainty and the more classical forms of space including the relativity the quasic physics takes flight into higher regions as if into deep space we as well as our machines may flourish and survive. Our first attempts are like the first machines to take flight, so many failed models, so many lost explorers. Too much false caution as much as fool hardy struggle with the flows and trends- some mutation, invention- a stirrup for arrows that can overtake the ancient world- or a twist of silicon, a hidden trend in our understanding and data, arbitrary and programmed mutations- the guided missiles that counter the perfection of the tanks- in our time too of lesser local wars.

Not all such mutations need be lethal as we learn, learn to live better, respect and deal with each other, impose some general trend of the future to which the issue of prediction in the greater context may not forecast and know. My intention was not to look at the foundations with the great effect that it changes the way we look at the world and more how we can design it better over time. The foundations need not remain a mystery to us as we enter new eras of deeper being in this world- some think and accept that and not all of them do so our of a primitive fear of that unseen and unknown. Yet those at the cutting edge of what they believe a sound science have in fact acted to modify the germ, permit processes though shown better, our lives ultimately a resource and risk benefit for some vague general social whole do so in big science I presume without awareness of how hidden effects may make lethal the environment of our wisdom and expertise including what for the fleeting moment is our mind.

Such cultural enclaves have their place, advertising as wealth only there to confront each other should development infringe on their brief peaceful way of life and breath of time- for their conversion, for their social soul's sake, while the very foundational idea of time is not truly understood in still a wider set of principles. I cannot see how others read these pages, if they are awake at all- that is much my problem as if to try to see how others might read them. Far from the foundations any language will seem arbitrary, a fiction with a life of its own, a building or institution founded on stone. I, if necessity have developed the forms I intuitively felt I needed, and the shifting growing philosophic terms. Such informality is perhaps the only way to break thru to new ideas. But I do write tonight in generalities about things we all may know but do not say aloud- the artist in me started with simple drawings that did not seem to apply to anything in particular, throwing paint on a canvass of light that somehow blends into something Leonardo like so before its time, as of God can paint the Mona Lisa with him... so all I can say is these last illustrations contain a lot of foundational thought and not just cleaver whims of a poet, as we from foundations build up our practical world... if you can see it. Then can explore vast new terrain with me... I carved these runes that I left on the roadway, that even if they are on a headstone the letters wear away to fade... these are immortal yet in a sense I am craving the simple sun again like those in their time ultimately understand it there day to draw equations in the sand, the sand that conserves is own level of grain.

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Logging on I notice this most excellent blog post on general ideas on the quantum theory.

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