Thursday, April 11, 2013

Multinix Encoding for Fact Nets

Multinix Encoding for Fact Nets

L. Edgar Otto   10 April, 2013

This project is intended to explore and apply quasic principles to the organization of diverse information and complexity systems.  It is hoped that such a unity of depths and span as steep foundational learning curves can add to our generation some measure of unity in our technical evolution - that in all areas of daily lives we can exist in the supercloud also with life's enhanced higher quality.

The bulk of our development, physically as cosmology and civilization culturally seems to be lost like the dark-like matter concept save some existential finding of concrete and imagined archaeology   Each generation has had the dream of this unified perspective, and fears it may arbitrary change or vanish.  We need to respect the now, the future as well as these pioneers of great achievement in our past.  Our projects of science should only be paradoxically kept at the fringes as if at a distance to all tenses as the ideal to become better perfected as we point to such futures past.

The survey of such fact nets and object entities to which we may place or interpret in our individual perspectives will cross the wide span of all human activity, plans, and contemplation as far as it can effectively and safely reach.  It should be obvious that our daily sciences such as simply the connection to nutrition or the methods of storage and cooking, in our day, should not be hidden and hard to find in the datamine- rather on these recipes the simplification with wide objectivity and less mythical assertions the elementary proofs for utility part of other contexts for everyone including politics and economics, and the need for adapting to that other dark world with wisdom if not accountability for our global errors as if in stone our datamite.

To start with let us address the core ideas of binary base transition systems at least in the lower dimensions, for we cannot exceed the moment of that across or beyond what we are if unreal our expectations.  In the virtual and stringy landscape, if we regard information entities as nations in their trades and treaties with face and diplomacy, let us set up the equivalent of our national parks- let us hold to free use of them in exploration, taking out what one brings in that we care for the bit environment while it needs the higher language of clear instruction to be such a system as itself struggles as if to be like some of us more aware.  So too let us learn more about what words to make clear our thoughts to each other.

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