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Mirror Edges Through Horizons

Descent to Razor Edge Zero Division Spaces
 Mirror Edges Through Horizons  

L. Edgar Otto   20 April, 2013

*the dimensional volume of zero can be divided by a number (other than zero but in division which side is nature on of a mirror- or is this zero by zero division an absolute grounding of dynamic descent or fixed laws of nature as uncertainty?)

*the general concept with descent is that a creative or casual entity may have different values on the other side, the dark side, of such mirrors. This the issue of multiplicity as indeterminate or many valued when compared to a focused center of connectivity in a region of space or at such a contained singularity the entering again compressed by vectors describing the symmetry of a system.

*The horizon, or surface of a box metaphor, of creative objects is not necessarily a flat horizon as if a mirror surface nor in a quasifinite universe we necessarily define that difference of the inside or outside.

*We in the abstract can slice so as to divide a zero volume as if to duplicate that volume or remove half of it which does not technically exist locally in the first place.

*But what of the quasi-infinite?   That descent into curvature when compared to the ideal as if an absolute space of certainty?  This I hinted at yesterday in the commentary on Leo Vuyk and Matti Pitkanen's vision.  While my system borders on the metaphysical principle with its ideal absolutes, Vuykian and Pitkanen systems do describe certain more standard phenomena as described as physics, question of which there is no other answer or any considered as a need for explanation beyond some noted half mystery.

*Standard physics shuns any idea that may exceed the standard reduction beyond a grounding at zero.  Pitkanen tries to show abstract linear elements with width of emptiness or the wormholes as does compactafication ideas or extensions of string theory that in effect makes action a minimum zero.  Vuyk says the same general thing but applies to his raspberry universe on these looping wormholes the general real multiplicity of a wider continuum of universe ( a sort of localized ultranscontinuum in my terms) in particular the monopoles extend very far outward much like the effects of a boundless but finite continuum where only in the remote action and symmetry do these have significant local effects.

*Why do we imagine that two poles, say of a magnet, are equal... in the first place one or the other of electric or magnetic fields as multiplicity, with a centering, may not exist in the first place relative to some system of rest and motion as well the grounding plane on in a grounding brane as a mirror of interpretative volume or abstract dimensions.  The neutral but one signed monopole to its mirror image may lead us to question if its anti or super particle is multiple- so in this we may imagine some difference that a well as defining mass may be a new source of energy as if in a wider quantum zero point space.  Can the Higgs then be multiple or if we actually transited between mirrors would that image be singular and what we see of concrete particles here as multiple as the general physics may be interchanged?  How else is it that, at least on the organic molecular level, the mirror images have different strengths?

*One problem we attempt to ask if not solved is readily seen by the descent into a more classical model, like the Bohr like atom (where it may make some sense that an electron is but the illusion we imagine from outside as if an epicycle and the singularity or complex of singularity more fundamental so to define it in its dimensional aspect of rest and motion, a sort of iota string or ray or particle in my system.  In this case, in the charge range of intelligible and relevant dimensions, the span and depth of the count of its sub-parts is at once multiple or singular as the same description.

*What explains magnetism but the shells of electrons and the count of their direction of spin, if one flips it may emit a photon or change its relation of distance to the nucleus?  In my symmetric atom where the number theory grounding is a mater of shadows, mirrors and symmetry- the Z=120 elements some shells shielding others... the principles such as Vuyk's and Pitkanen's in the background, the caution to frame physics in these terms of power series of descent and potentials forces, centrifugal or centripetal if we can make the distinction as to which is certain as concrete, we find and explain in a standard way what is observed :  that the heat changes the electron configuration, that it can align magnetic properties of atoms to a hierarchy of descent (or ascending) systems of quasinfinite loops of quasifinite magnetic lines... we can in fact take an iron bar and by adding to it the shock of a hammer align them over the chaos toward the earth's magnetic poles. But electric force energy as well as random chaos will organize them equally unto the measure and sensing of the space abstract just as some creatures like the turtles use for navigation yet are not aware of a change of temperature when caught in ocean currents.

* * * * 

Debate as to the Relativity of Virtual Centripetal Forces

As I have posted earlier, as to what holds up the world that famous reply to Russel by an older lady - "cleaver young man, it is turtles all the way up and all the way down..."  But this is too narrow a case itself... for it is also turtles all the way left and right, forward and back, future and past and so on...  But we all have our strengths and sensibilities of perception (not all of us can have the advantage of an invasive species that like bad apples spoil the rest and seem anti-social in their brainwashed violence the business of the  leveling in name only of overly generous abilities as a doctrine of diversity (the universities in their holding up the society as if on the slippery planes of crystalline plastron shells against the ignorance indulges and is the source of much violence in the shared society so author ignorance itself) 

From their mirror universe some group which for most of us we imagine worthwhile believes as in a nation regardless of issues like race- that the philosophy to level the world gains certain groups have to lose- but as to the concept of mirrors their choices of sides to apply is not the unfolding of general opportunity and evolution but narrow reaction to which to their very wisdom they remain blind and to which when the climate changes as in the economy their liberal stance goes out the window and for those who are the mentally ill or brainwashed children of violence they become a target themselves and as well as the townsfolk do not really give nor know explanations for some such action.

In their schizophrenic universe it is crackpots all the way up and down, forward and backward, loners and helpers of fellow men, left and right.

As long as this is the case a nation will not in its achievements in science can but repeat the mistakes of past explorations and keeps up with what is behind as not even original.  If we imagine in the false scarcity and rule of arbitrary law where in the end conquest is the fact of a state or empires expansion and persistence the pendulum has to swing back to where individuals for the good make a difference- science is not ever big enough not to fail if it descends into the multiplicity of the collective slope that is grounded on narrow vision, narrow investment in tools and the people... such big science we could consider the true small pond of crack-pottery in descent to which we all should learn to grow limbs and crawl out of a drying pond, fly, reach for the stars... figure out why some of us is a little lacking in what is the obvious in common sense.

Life has only the purpose we half choose to give and make or do it in these matters.  After incubation we should put away the myths of our children's stories and face the situations without fear so not paralyzed to explore and in the multiplicity of paradox when so many of us, know the truth and the sensible stance in comforting joy- that there are no guarantees, no necessary realities.  In the idea past the weapons of mass destruction that takes food out of the mouths of a state's people of the balance of power, we now find cracks in the vanished stalemate that this generation is tarnished by a more subtle bravado against diffuse and multiple terror.  It can only get worse when in our technology one lone soul can bring the multitudes near extinction.

But where in the general rights and scheme of things can we ever find how to trust ourselves and each other, find what we as a wider civilization vaguely imagines sane all the way up and all the way down?

* * * * *

On the Multiplicity of Complimentary Unipolar Entities

I am amazed certain principles on all or both sides of an issue are taken as gospel and it could be that there is a powerful natural principle I am not yet capable of understanding  (indeed, I would welcome enlightenment on these issues if it can be shown to me on a deeper foundational and intuitive level as a unique case that could resolve the unity or reason for facts of our existence, for science itself).  But in principle just as with our stances and models of space or metaphors of our subjective, quasi-moral and quasi-religious feelings as reality, we may not be able to distinguish the source of ultimate error as to if fault is within or without we as sinners, assumptions that there is a strict wrong on either side of a region full or empty that is a quasifinite mirror. 

Wisdom in our exploration of the universe and its mysteries, secrets if obtainable as science so in the main useful although invisible to proof save the proof of its core given being to which we may legitimately offer statements of patterns and design as evidence, for its ultimate interpretations or relations to external or internal knowing, meaningful or meaningfree, of and in itself but an image we see and not necessarily the object of our imagination- as with mathematics a method of blind faith.  The abstract relations we imagine of the vacuum or of our imagining the emptiness surprises and call up in us ideas of reasoning beyond ourselves and world, hints to so desperately seek or forecast explanations and reasons we internally as coherently sound and grounded as the theory of everything we so stand with.

But the world is far richer, even at the state is may be in its development, evidently toward new things and a higher theory, and if of higher beings a touching to them in their reality, but if we pay attention so will to or direct our intentions so accept the variety in depth the stability of the familiar and our dreams in fancy have grounded in awareness of what is real so a tangible creative play to which we view and enter the cave or box, repeat the actions or once and only falls the curtain or new plays beyond encores.  For in the fleeting game and acts all outside it seems as immortal as it as remote and unreal as death.

There is much to be said for living in the depth of the mundane, perhaps in the luxury of time to grown if not lied  to then allowed our freedom grounding desires beyond the flatland sterile neutrality of our childlike but not childish ignorance.  But I do not demand of my fellow man that they even acknowledge my message for it is long known their nature is that we hold against those who enlighten us with some bit of wisdom their intrusions disturbing our own peaceful or isolated continuum.

When this happens collectively and we are brainwashed as to how to live and the world is it is even more difficult to experience and relate to the depth of reality of other souls, of our dramatic relationships in particular that they stand each moment over the abyss, the paradise disturbed, the devil cheating us by our own frailty or vanity then getting away. We will even if it takes the last of our strength move heaven and earth to bind and bury him.  Yet we are not vengeful welders of swords without mercy, in that we are as godlike in creativity as perhaps the Good some not foolishly imagine as life and its ideals.

You who crash into walls, who did not fall into them, may not find comfort there in myths of martyrdom for the walls are thin and one may pass thru them to face at least a higher realm of creative philosophy and science secrets by which it is hoped our understanding of our world does not remain unresolved and far from its portion of unities in our very personal paradoxes and contradictions of thought in which we half away find the state of minds sometimes of ourselves.

What we imagine in the natural ratios as if matter and energy in the dark, the unexplained persistent percent of what is right or left handed, or non-right as one sided, in our bilateral symmetry of spacious evolving stands on its own as evidence for a wider vision or theory as to what is the case as we find paradoxes of necessity in a nonnecessary reality.

We are complicate creatures on this side of consciousness and awareness with relatively coherent and intelligible models and minds much like the ionized and electromagnetic properties of an atom at home on its grounding of a unified view in its singularity.  But in a general unified theory we, as if in a more classical and first blush view of objectivity in experiment and science we find on the other side of its totality as if an image mirrored the nucleus of many flavors and color symmetry, so in the abstract yet accessible tangibly our minds have at least such a core of multiplicity true to its own reflections and inner laws, and what may yet extend or exist beyond it.

After the breakdown of family, of the nuclear family in our time, with the promises of even a wider concept of how we define the bonds between us, the next generation that fancies itself free and revolutionary against that obsolete seems to be in hopefully a transition period in which the next dissolution will be the inner bonds of what individual minds were once clearly something in and of itself that our pretensions of creativity and wisdom, or the worth of love as a higher value is a pointless model of living by which we may say from a philosophic stance such life is even less in the living than if it were but machines as the world abandons without reflection the substance of its future and the drive to explore, inquire, and invest in ourselves and our civilization.

* * * * *
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