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Tritangles (a Quasic Wave Packet for Lubos)

Tritangles  (a Quasic Wave Packet for Lubos)

L. Edgar Otto   13 April, 2013  05:40:14

Lubos has an article that while competently explaining the mathematics and methods in our doldrums of quantum theory since the heyday of the  1930's ,which seems to me to be contradictory to the spirit of string theory he advocates  like that he states of some others a totally or absolutely uncertainty grounding for physics as science may allow it to be as valid if not in a state of healthy social (anti-) schizophrenia where all inputs and outputs are OK at least justified to some level of complexity in a theoretical model to allow any such vague organization to be the case for realty.

But in defence of his argument for his narrow view of quantum theory that appears a healthy skepticism he uses the usual methods of propaganda from the right - which as logic does not necessarily show siding with left views.  He belittles the character of the opponents, repeats loudly over an over his point, supports what he is not sure a very great lie easy to believe on the frontier of experiment and inquiry as if anything threatening original (of which parroting that fed us is no good reason to show off one's expertise with pride)  specifically on problems he does not address as problems or if they can so be resolved along with the issues of the physics - instead he uses buzz words in the emotional context that amounts really to contracts and perhaps thieft- we are crackpots (or in my case I was honored to be called worse :-) or that anyone who cannot see his view are "rapists" of the quantum theory.  Alarmist are one thing but the spreading of rumor is something else that really will not aid our progress in science.

There should come a point where our interest in a clear language such that we are not like machines told what to do especially in their moments of confusing instructions for outcomes that occasionally results in original and fundamental decisions by the machine- so it appears...But consciousness as the quantum issue is dismissed not discussed or disproved in an objective manner.  This is not to say the spirit of inquiry, or his actual heart is in the wrong place- but we unlike machines (so far at least), in that the mysteries of complex numbers the end all of physics has to remain a principle of mystery to us- for when the chips copy the programs from each other they do it in mirror images then flip it to the positive view again and in parallel but non linear steps...this reactionary method of learning awaits his flip to the positive evolving direction with hopes something of his personal experience holds keys in the inside jokes of contemplation- an issue not resolved by vague path integration over quantum history...

My illustrations today are hints to a wider span of enumerations for such abstract entities and are works in progress- these do not represent a return to a previous classical state of things (as our humble correspondent tells us) but more like a deeper journey or probe into one of nature's next generation of ideas like generations of particles.  The totality of these steps of vision I have not shown from the unity of them and span of them in my thinking despite the amount of words and pictures.

It is hard to realize what direction our physics will take and yes we have those wanting to challenge or usurp their teachers who all too soon come to one of the living gods of physics with their theory of everything- this was not the case with Fred Hoyle F.R.A.S. we me as we shared tea (I just wanted him to sign his book)  but he point of this story is that in my productive years I have the highest respect for the British physicists, especially from Cambridge... I was an avid reader of what Lubos calls  "Nude Scientist" so for him I pay back for his compliment to me of that great time of debate in cosmology, we of the old school new generations always think as to the future of theory- It most likely will come from the people there grounded in good sense and wide tradition.

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13 April, 2013 12:05

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