Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mono- Bi- Hemi- Semi- Null- Hedra

Mono- Bi- Hemi- Semi- Null- Hedra

L. Edgar Otto    April 11, 2013

In the unfolding of particles as in that of the mathematical ideal abstractions of quasic objects, the extension of form as the Platonic and multi-dimensional "solids" in virtual and null values of space and time, we say there is not necessarily an anti-object for every object as a rigid law of balanced symmetry or of ideas of supersymmetry for a physical description of what is field or particle or these as concepts of physics that convey or carry such ideas of measure of relevant value descriptions as gravity or mass.

Yet these null or shadow entities are not forbidden as virtual or substantial to have shadows of shadow symmetry in search of a unified theory and style of foundational mathematical forms not necessarily and ideal reality in its own right for the unfolding of the world, the complexity and non-linearity of enfolded, integrated forms themselves subject to a physics such as the quasic conception, as intelligible measure and overall evolving in the various methods of motion, action, or representation, for example fractal or quasic hierarchies of self referential contained hierarchies within limits, makes the bulk of what we call these realities of inertial and absolute and latent changes of directions, of compounding of substance or its symmetry breaking in decay, such that the model of reality as we know it and can know it naturally can be understood as dark matter in its simple null forms, measure, teleology, and distinguishing of its shadow properties.

While not all concrete particles have concrete or virtual shadows, in a sense the shadows can have mirror shadows that balances the dynamic unfolding of the world which in that it is mathematics and computable, countable in the main, makes a comprehensive system which on many levels of complexity and its sub-component relationships we as analogous and sentient creatures can understand, sense and be the light as well as new and perhaps locally extreme so never to return directions as we ride our existing in imagination.

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I see that Lubos just posted something that almost gets this higher picture, but as good as that seems to be I wait to see if such a body of wisdom catches up to a more complete view (less crackpot so to speak) physics.

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