Sunday, April 14, 2013

When Tweedledee meets Tweedledum beyond Continuum

When Tweedledee meets Tweedledum beyond Continuum

L. Edgar Otto    Apiril 14, 2013

I present some further abstract thoughts on how we should probe our intuitions for the general mathematical landscape of physics... as to Lubos last post on groups can we not extend the Dunkin diagrams even in the continuum?  Are we not where things make no difference in description as likely to superimpose the ideas such that we do find a more unified system.  Between these starting and ending points in a quasifinite view of the universe we contain the ten dimensions (for it takes one more in the knights array to describe positive paths in the natural flow of them) does it matter, space-wise, moreover what is complex space or not.

But I hit upon the algebraic proof on the wide list of papers from Gibbs log that says precisely this, and I found the usual questions of angles and all from a link from Ulla... this explains such angles over the Tweedledee of algebra and the natural geometry of brane flatland and symmetries of Tweedledum.

If we can as the article proves generate integers from the idea of cubes then apply this to quantum ideas without bias and restrictions, a simple proof at that... is it not clear the half real of the imaginary part although relative to the context of the universe is a given in these quasi group ideas beginning with duality and extended to the null as well a dimension beyond that bra(k)ets the qm dimensions into the (k)?

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