Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fifth and Future Fractal Panels

Fifth and Future Fractal Panels

L. Edgar Otto    23 April 2013

Panel V should make clear the intricacies of fractal path in some dimension and the combinations involved.  This the beginning as the "gray code" an error correction code... in general we should go on to understand a wider set of codes that in some context may focus or find wider corrections.

Panel iv is still in progress and involves a better application for the 24 four color faces on a cube and in 4 space.  Although I have chosen arbitrary orientations for a notation in the quasifinite sense these do not matter globally as they all fit in the design of such groups, as do things in continuous vector geometry- yet it does make a difference, nominally and functionally to have a sense of a more unified topology and a more intelligible count of what may be contained in a model.  In these intermediate pages before V  I also explore more the binary divisions between folded and unfolded nil dihedrons. We should also designate in the shape of the quasic field what happens upon reversals in the flat brane as we compare the representations between reachable adjacent dimensions.

I should really extend this into the adjacent 2D and 4D iterations as we keep in mind the wider richness of simple symmetries involved.

* * * * *

In the beginning the god particle expanded until their was light...and at the eight day dimension of creation Atom being somewhat of a creator in hi image spoke:  "Lord of the fractal trees and holodeck of paradise, who evolved the low dimensions behold my work, mentor me. How can you stand to be so lonely, if there be light what is there to see?"

Then the god particle thought on this and said, "You can continue until the last digits of pi to discern the sky, but eat not of the hyper apple for it is twice as full thus you feel but half a worm and crave your anti soul to find all whole again."

So, since the atom was free to spin his yarns and weaves the god particle gave him one more gift, amused, and wanting something new beyond himself to see what would happen.

Atom looked up at him holding his inky quill with eyes that beamed,  "Thank you Lord it helps my work, for your gift, the white board of my dreams..."

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