Thursday, April 4, 2013

Toward a Survey of New Physics (Part I)

Toward a Survey of New Physics
Part I - On the Continuum of Dark Matter

L. Edgar Otto  April 4, 2013

I begin here an ongoing project, a survey of the confluence of ideas.  I imagine a chart that considers the debate and cross dialog between those I have encountered on the web- and perhaps a more ambitious undertaking more of a historical nature of technical and theoretical development.

To start with I will link to current posts of the Dramatis Personae involved with their perspective on the question of data  that suggests a surplus of positrons and so on...  My personal concern here is a hint or vision as to what are the nature of monoples (see my last posting, 04-03-13).  My usual sense of synchronicity, the old theories arising like violets independently as in the non-Euclidean geometries seems to have these nearby concerns and links:

Matti Pitkanen    Lubos Motil   Leo Vuyk     (a little further in the depth of field of our universe of discourse will be included later on this blogpost page as footnotes to new postings as the parts arise).

* * *

I find it interesting if only numerology Matti's use of 127 and 19 correspond to the NOVA program numbers of last night concerning the "First Computer" where the Greeks made a geared device of bronze that predicted the phases of the moon and the solar correspondence- the commentary suggested we underestimated the ancient Greeks and what they could do- of course it was geocentric in view but then the argument as to what works in our physics and perceptions does in a way suggest a focus if not a centering anthropocentric as philosophy as a point of ambiguous debate.  The universe in general is specially created everywhere if anywhere as a general unifying principle.

I see money asked of congress for the mapping of the brain... and a talk show host said sure, they will vote for something they will never use! Let me just say that in the main, in quantum theory, matter seems to persist as positive anyway, but that point where we observe ourselves and others, that horizon, that awakening of the mind just as our ideas of a time of light awakening in the universe, this is also a deep issue of the mind and if in the machinery of it things in nature accidentally or actually know with purpose of what it is doing.

* * * * 

As I posted elsewhere, my craving this morning upon awakening was for chocolate covered raspberries, this tells me that perhaps, after such abstract physics study, Jung's thermodynamic model of the mind- that treats synchronicity into the future in dreams can be taken more seriously, sort of a quantum thing... but though a lot of this synchronicity is happening to me lately- when I saw them in the store on the way from the library tonight  did I just notice them, know I would encounter them, or even somehow conjure them?  In any case it cannot be as push and creamy as in a vivid dream- more like a physicists reductionsim into artificial colors and flavors (now is there something deeper here or not?)  I mean synchronicity itself seems to go in more than one sense of time- rather like Vuyk who makes a confluence of Higgs fields and Black holes conceptually.  Are we contained in an indefinite boundary of all such berries but nothing beyond it or of a greater hierarchy perhaps after all?

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  1. Hi Edgar,

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