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Superconformal Fractal Configurations

Superconformal Fractal Configurations

L. Edgar Otto  06 April, 2013

On a lighter side I offer an arbitrary metaphor or drawing of the underlying "quasic" logic of other space metaphors in the mathematical physics.

"It is but one step from the sublime to the ridiculous" observed Napoleon in his repeated rise and fall to power.

But how far up or down can repeated iterations go?  Things tend to balance while in motion by the laws of symmetry in space and time and while there is no necessary end to such a cloudy sense of our reality this seems to guarantee our revolutions can be velvet as well as violent.

We can arbitrarily chose sides along the descent or rise in scientific inquiry.  But we can be more strict and formal, I intended to undertake and shore up such work in a more disciplined and formal matter, rules to navigate the informality much like the complex space and fractal dimensions do, at least easily on a plane.

It is a matter of a choice of heroes  who is or not no Einstein including Einstein.  Who from the right might denounce the younger generation more established now in time as more a "hippie" than a physicist.  On man's Lennon is another man's Lenin as the memorial walls of history are littered with bronze engraved capital letters or graffiti.  One man's citing why with such wisdom a people or state can sink into the cultural and racial, tribal excesses of politics and war.

Shouting our slogans is not an enduring way to educate in the long run, fooling all of the people some of the time to make it so, and certainly is not a complete scientific approach.  Statistics is by nature arbitrary and a matter of culture.  Our iterations of a displaced people who as usual  finding their rights forget those of others under their control, the eye for an eye, the political payback to some cult followers.  Affirmative action is just a potluck trade in a village that takes from some, redistributes wealth from those in power obliged, safety valves aside, to what as a scapegoat of equality and diversity some from the sidelines work in stealth to keep a moral whip for the consciences in the individuals taught guilt or being victims with just rewards entitled.

Ah, some say, we can change the constitution- No, there was wisdom in our founding fathers.  In a world of the paradox of no necessary realities the foundations can be questioned dispassionately.  Graffiti to be whitewashed or engraved at weeping walls in metal and carved in stone only to be broken and recycled for the inside of new columns- the hieroglyphics of the holy Pharaoh of the time broken down to filler as any shells into a beach of time's ocean waves by sand.

Even the empire with the festering wound in its side that strives to disperse a people, integrate them across the realm, lays down the seed for a rotting failed state- for in our day, in the West, we have not really brought together the essential views of the universe that requires both the Greek science along with the more mystical religion in our Judea-Christian unified mind the other people of the Book- well, we do not stare into the face of our heroes the great as much as are lost in a tiling's of flatland.

By God and my Right, we the inheritors of a promised land may truly believe others can be expelled from their wells and homeland. What is the difference really between those who clothe themselves in the ideology of the monopolistic right and the desire to ape such myths to reach the core of a people's hearts by the symbol of the Nordic Light Hero, man and women the great symbol, family and state.

Our differences sometimes only are radical changes in our genome hidden in the depths, there we can have mutations as if in another world some of them in this world can be lethal.  The battle for hearts and minds is in effect physical.

At the bottom of it all is that we can create and design our own world- yes, and have to live in it.  A free market does not necessarily guarantee common sense innovations will come to be, anytime soon anyway.  People the consumers can be the commodity.  But we all crave the hints and songs that better days will come here or in some hereafter  it is as old as the crocodiles  the universe with crocodile tears, that guard the pole stars toward heaven and the gates of hell from myths at least as old as ancient Aegypt.

* * * * *

That essay of social gravity commentary done to clear my mind, what is the drawing I made that almost was not good enough to present to what has become a more formal treatment of physics in theory in this blog?

My earlier attempts to make my own fonts and understand the logic of it came to mind last night but here I use them as metaphors, that is metaglossa in the quasi-poetry of a language, mathematics, or scientific method stance.  The symmetry along the lines of say, Leo Vuyk or Stan Tenon, even the trivial insights of Hofstatler on Godel and three dimensional views of letters come to mind- for I imagine in these Gregg shorthand symbols (I did not look up what they mean, that could be humorous like some who get Chinese tattoos and are told what they mean when they subtly may not).

It was a favorite book of mine I found at a book sale yesterday only it was limited to but a few and Western sound systems of words and language, this in a time when the schools see no use for script calligraphy, anyway it beats just encoding a language (like glossa) in a shorthand of mere numbers.

Let us suggest that such a symbol of a line, intuitively drawn as if continuous so defined, or with discrete diacritical marks, loops and directions of the drawing, is what some may mean a the heart of things by "Strings".
Let us in the three space twisting and viewing as if so many possibilities of an alphabet be a theory of higher symmetric interlocking and handedness of such strings even if there only in the hidden space a space of but logical reality.

In this sense both the standard and alternative models of physics can be combined toward a unified view of space structures that apply say to the particles if not the universe itself in the totality.

But the key new idea here, and one that makes this post worthwhile, is that in the mapping of the flat xbrane of 2D into three space and the resulting structures we can repeat this process, just as we can with the idea of mapping the entire earth into one disc or the expression of days as so many divisions on a sphere of a multiplicity of earths as lunes.  I suggest that this conformality of physical things can have physical effects... at least logically, to structures in the life sciences and in the materials physics.  But it is just a variation, a level by which higher generalizations may overlook and thus not grasp an essential step in finding that.

* * * * *

I am not sure what to make of this I saw on fb as a comment to a post by this lady in theoretical physics  from this person who in the comment said:  "Einstein gave Physics a Nmae, Lubos Motl gave Physics a HERO"   in reference to a wonderful youtube video of what

I just say this science daily article-  and it is highly relevant to today's topic for these orthogonal representations and ten fold fractal like deeper space pathways.

Also this from New Scientist com:   particles-antiparticles -  the logic of it is along the same mechanisms of ideas of space chirality and symmetry as I have discussed in quasic representations. Information wise we work with 8 and not 4 bits in an entangled signal- also obviously the tet or geometrical self dual objects of 24 point singularities and so on...

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