Wednesday, April 17, 2013

White Board Walk and Quantum Gears

White Board Walk

L. Edgar Otto April 17 2013 02:55 PM

I see Lubos has a sensible post on our stances to dark matter and the discussion of recent data. I notice that as our various standard and independent theoreticians come together that various theories and speculations seem a clear question as to how well they stand, perhaps fit into some pattern of evolving. The spirit of this sort of accept all inputs before evaluation- the Liebnizean Inquirer, covers a wide range of human experience in that among a few logical systems.

This is not to say we know which among the proposals and interpretations are the case or even unique in some direction of the creative sense or simple succession of things in the world, nor that the views are equal or even contradictory. Much is gained as well as lost in the translation of symbols in our great conversation. I have more to read of things and new directions if my net connections hold and speed up- but in the complexity of our enterprise each seems to be seen dispassionately as a clear choice even if there is not a more general level of debate. But the theories running in the background seem to evoke at least hidden passions that drive the creative efforts.

I continue with some successive themes in art as in the above illustration which started out rather messy but contained some general truths that fell out of the artwork and of all things the fonts in a sort of anagram of a more general theory... that this the symbols beneath the sequence whiteboardwalk in one of the microsoft list of fonts corresponds to symbols that read as if some form of qm theory formalism. The rectangles show abstract relations or pairs of them and the arrows are symmetric or one directional as is my view of a unified case of a dynamic quasifinite universe. So from Planck bar with all the rectangular mirrors thru some grounding of a zero between the bracketing we arrive at a linear sense of distance “L”.

I never much cared for dry eraser boards but the photo idea by google to them is something I wanted with a chalk board long ago as chalk is too ephemeral. Who remembers the grease pencil boards and trying to strip the spiral paper from the tip to sharpen them? In any case the pen is my favorite way to write and the habit of getting the calligraphy right the first time- graphite erodes away over time. I wonder, as I do not like the chemical fumes to clean such boards if these may have contributed to some theories by those who stare into the unknown and carve or trace, make rubbings of the universe, a window, a Feynman diagram, a whiteboard?

I have other drawings to which it may evoke nonsectarian passions in that we understand at least on the superficial level of our time such symbols- but this does not fit easily into the theme as science, no translation that can be found among all possible in the search for some pattern in a code. We have yet to respect such coexistence on quasireligous levels or ideological ones and it is not clear we need to as a rule of nature by law or tooth and claw- yet one on one at least we do keep an ideal or give lip service to our higher claims of peace and tolerance-  it is not the money but the application of our intellect that is at stake here as a survival issue for basic research and funding of our science projects...that is the true false scarcity in the world's resources...

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The Touchstone Concept of the Quantum Gear:

I add a general thought from yesterday as I shut things down to go to sleep...

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As for the general name of this blogspot, chosen off the top of my head, the idea of creativity  I posted this today on facebook for a status:

Sometimes I think that all we have in the end as that loneliness of those who are creative- say a song, is just a private thing, a comfort, a whistling in the dark, that is all we can expect really- not that it has to be seen by others or saved in the world, the world and trying to keep art or shout that is is art does not really care- life is something like dying we do alone in the end- but when it can be shared it is an endless source of joy to which the universe itself joins in song with us.

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