Saturday, April 6, 2013

The 20 cube Set as SuperFractal Frequency Quasication

The 20 cube Set as SuperFractal Frequency Quasication

L. Edgar Otto  April 6, 2013

Some have forecast we will enter a post economic era... it seems slow in coming.  The third world has to catch up if it it can and the resources are there... with fractals as in E. O. Wilson's insight that "there is room at the bottom" in the understanding of the very small.

I was working on the natural symmetry notation for the 20 cubes as a continuation from the statement in the last post of the connection to protein conformality... indeed, today another article suggests that fragments of injured tissue acts like a magnetic compass for life processes when I checked on line- trying to figure out the smart phone, and say a post by a fellow philosopher scientist blogger which in New York talked about a new system to take advantage of the ruling that stations have to have local broadcast HD of which there are many ideas as to make this a source of money.  Five dollars a month to subscribe.

On his blog also was how a young man with ham radio hobby applied fractals to antennas and made some significant discovery which now makes possible things like miniaturization in cell phones for antennas and other properties.  This relation to the radio waves was a missing step to which I have been quite preoccupied in trying to understand after a decade of being behind the technology of the computer world.  I myself made wire antennas of simple forms but on a minimum quantization level in the 60's which were omnidirectional and quite powerful in sorting out British subscription tele after noticing all the antennas pointed every which way.  But it occurs to me the simpler idea could have been a relation of such a wire and this step of fractals.

Now you see, the quasics is an alternative way to represent or generalize fractal ideas of which at the beginning of this blog I suggested there are better ways to detect particles than we have.  These would use a further step of the foundational philosphy as we try to understand dimensions and supersymmetry.  My first thought is that such devices used for television would bypass any economic toll gate in a supercloud so we have to figure out a better economics (of course fractal theory cannot do this- things may be complicated in a larger theory but they need not be what we call non-linear so beyond reach.

The music is not a new product of some idea of diversity or ethnic groups as that of our American, and English values- it is not a culture idea but can be a way of life... the heartland is the culture that came long before it was developed by new peoples seeking such values or how to take advantage of them.

Now my chart today is rather abstract to refer to its fractal relevancy  and in the overview I notices one notation  gmo that carried thru all postings was really gmh, the red dot under it, I correct it there.  But quasics after all is a statement of self referential or looping systems with hierarchical generations of indefinite expanse.  The simple notation is so wide in its symmetries it was unlikely to notice the error by a computation or drawing without all possible calculations.  Such insight should be the measure of intelligence and science, not some social voodoo that declares it so  save perhaps by informed consent of uniform laws that apply to everyone potentially.  Let the people of all colors take back their education and universities- no longer can we do physics by the old paradigm that has tried to limit so to define our culture which is everyone's birthright.

Cheers for now,  I hope this will awaken you and inspire you to open your eyes to the chains on this generation and the nature of work if it is still possible, and that quasics may just be something that I as the average man had something worthwhile to say.

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