Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Fifth Generational Axis (Qunitality)

The Fifth Generational Axis (Qunitality)

L. Edgar Otto

Over the quasic plane conceived as all four dihedral group rotations (and four mirrors of which we see only one unitary direction) these are exhausted in four space lattice regions of golden spirals scaleless in the depth and span, thus flat to the plane. Such perpendicularity's as triality have its analog in the unitary axis to a plane in three space.

The local regions that crystallize into the four, and at a distance by quasic aggregate intelligible contiguity have a rationalized count of four plus the fifth axis for five thins. But over the span of the quasic brane we observe the numerical properties that can be seen with generations unto triality a sum of 12 plus the 5th axis for 13 space region physics to consider of 13 torus volumetric colors- to these we add three more of which these are perpendicular to the level of four space for the more interconnected (thus quabics relates to the inter-context of more general groups objectively and subjectively) for the deeper meaning of applied higher matrices of 16 elements. Beyond this is the system which tries to imagine a generational quabicity.

Considering all such compliments, axes, and mirror, it is here we find at least the 32 elements of Dirac nilpotent formalism to ground that level of quantum field theory.

* * * * *

L. Edgar Otto

From the vital now of life force and our mystic connection to the idea of time, we descent from the doubling of our ancestors, both in the flesh and in the spirit.

Our unique soul does not simply vanish as if to have our lives flash by before the triple sinking into drowning, but we relive all past lives through our line in the structured vacuum.

Memory then is deeper than the vacuum as if it were not such a radical thought already that it persists in the nothingness as well the uniqueness of the world as mind.

I stand by he grey lady with her great numbers in white and shake hands, man of the family while my father goes over seas. I know he will return awhile, hang around my world.

The move on to the more distant stairway as if something holding him back, or if it is a rather long journey- or he has to untangle his life, braid his encounter with others for dress inspection.

His early photos left in black and white, double exposure
strangling himself and I playing tag with him in some meadow beyond time to hear some warning of events.

I pick up the bottle cap, tax paid for the state of Virginia.
I did not want to make this trip but from some other path some tangled future in my dreams he told me of the great auto crash, I had to delay things. In the now I disobeyed, the snow, the chill and I thought he would punish me. We missed the truck by inches.

I talk a long time on the phone that last week. He said he was sorry for some things- going fishing with the black folk they are people like anyone else too- don't forget that. But you know, I guess it has to be over sometime.

My son had never met him but did my wife's folks. He woke up yelling where is grandpa. He is OK in Milwaukee and that is not too far away- No, no he cried, my other grandpa.

Next day when things had looked up and everyone who could flew to see him, things turned down, and he moved on precisely at that hour in the night my little son cried out.

* * * * *

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