Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Visualizing Quasic Permutations

Visualizing Quasic Permutations

L. Edgar Otto

This was from an old concept navigating through pages for a web sight and perhaps an animation. In this case there are five colors and thus the 20 and mirror 20 of the forty units (that is in a sense perpendicular to 4space. The permutations, which are the Icoahedral group of 120 elements, each are in the form of a golden spiral (actually Fibonacci for pixel squares here) so we can imagine depth and direction perpendicular to the quasic plane- and all the issues of warped structures, that is the spirals can be seen as helices.

Clearly this is an analog to a plane of xy and a z axis in three space- this being 4D (or alternatively 40 close packed 5D spheres) we have the 80 elements to which on the next depth of generational symmetry structures the number is a stop at 81 - a sort of generalized Kea theorem).


I note Lubos has a post more or less confirming the faster than light neutrinos was a GPS related glitch. But this changes nothing for the theory. I already said that it would not undermine the Lorentz plane and take on things, but such a plane is not enough to encompass the ideas we need for new physics including the tachyon concept that we may have to one day consider (or do so again for string theory). In this permutation visualization of chriality it is clear that a helix in one of the regions is invariant to the direction perpendicular to the plane even if it changes the time like direction. One may interpret this as a sort of invariance or disconnect from time and also from matter, if there is motion it is a ray going one way or appearing to. But is this not the issue with neutrinos and their mixing in the first place? If we can have illusions of faster than light in space, how much more so in that space of still higher dimensions and relativity analogs? On in this case as with the idea of such dimensions and symmetry making things orientated and physical it is not a given that these are or are not observable in their influence including what defines the mass as well as balance the books with the momenta.

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