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Half Singularities in the Year of the Dragon

Half Singularities in the Year of the Dragon L. Edgar Otto 02-02-12

Sometimes the artist in me flies off into the abstract landscape and far from the discipline of formal presentations yet I am aware of the processes and way. So color can be distracting, color pencils disrupts the needed acetic clarity of black ink. But lately the colors speak volumes and enhance the visions. Even the abstract work above from my roommate, painted with his emotional states evidently and without a title or sense of direction of meaning, I can paint into the vivid colors images that make more concrete sense- I suggested to him this could be called the Year of the Dragon if there is no title anyway, for I saw the upper left hand as a ninja and later on the lower half the idea of a dragon.

If I want to totally rest and take a break from my preoccupation with the new physics I should not pic up a pen nor open any book of substance- nor should I bond to closely with events or those on which despite myself I depend emotionally on others- in ways of course that I find more clarity in seeing myself and in the deeper connections at least between people if not the absurd idea we sometimes entertain that matter, brick walls, contain some form of the world memories. In all this I know only too well the isolation of ideas, the uniqueness of my individuality shown to myself for its lack of some depth and purposes other than the mundane that exists on the familiar level while the living. On the other hand it shows the great potential and the first few dreams of the cosmos as primitive but highly significant in the development as something in a living thing integrates over time.

So, in terse colors on the concepts of the quasic grid (it may not be clear that it does involve 2 and 3 and thus the ancient idea of Mersenne primes and gender- so today peeking into Kea's take on the supposed single evidence for new physics I see a link to Pitkanen- and would his take on primes be very much clearer.) I am discussing here those aspects as a way the quasic grid, and the Sukodu like or threeness of the grid itself on the dualism involved in general space and physics of that contained in the grid - my epsilon-delta idea- the ideas of the role of the relativities. Even if there were not relativity the quasic grid given adept use and the evolving understanding, in a quasi-continuous world if that can be defined and seems it has to be if we aim to resolve or unify the views of the two core physics- then such ideas would have been suggested perhaps as side views or thoughts that are no longer a motivation to find new science but great ideas overlooked by history.

I use the potential infinity sign- it apples to the main diagonals and the boundaries and the centers of these planes- and in a sense I divide it by half- there can be as always develops better notations- the potential infinity sign and not my alpha and beta abstract directions (via gender and even-oddness) of the quasic grid. One thing for sure we can see the zero like division more as a dynamic division rather than some imagined potential as a limit... in that sense, we do imagine a corpuscular world which of course can serve as quintessence as the alternate view or part of the total view so as to define things without dark energy- matter concepts. It then still part of the overall or Omnium view.

Likewise, concepts of spin or twists, momenta on some level considered together, and the angles of things- more of the obvious use of the complex number field ideas, the phaseonium like concepts need not be foundational either- yet are part of the view. In any case all these approaches can work intelligibly together.

So we see the idea of these half singularities which can as fields or diagonal rays reverse upon themselves. Two photons in opposite directions abstractly describing twice the distance if not the speed- for it is the half singularity or the potential dynamic quasi-finite structure in the free vacuum that changes time to rest and kinematics of action to some horizon of changes and reversals or in the idea of the principle of equivalence, that twin which does not age as fast is the reference frame undergoing acceleration. This seems to apply globally phase wise and not just the consideration of a single vector upon some center.

But in a sense, general space seems to be (in the quasic plane or brane view) composed of only half singularities. We designate some position as if an origin or a point reference for all the frames. The deep question remains then- abstractly- is there a single singularity of the totality of the sea of them on the micro-scale or is there only a relative sea of half singularities? What does this mean ultimately for our general viewpoints on space and modeling of the physical world?

Now, terse my illustration of the intervals (and half intervals as the one in violet that goes of the page...) these can be thought of as also up and down drawn and as the various diagonals and what these involve for our usual matrix methods. The quasic grid of course can be extended into the span as well as the depth and the units there can be put in sequences or order or these, especially in the foundational idea of complex number mapping into space make use of ideas like at the octonions the formalism is (thankfully) broken as a complete description- that and we seem to run out of the usual definite algebraic properties for the usual explicit generalizations.

Now, such foundational views for physics would certainly say that we can imagine the ideas of higher dimensions, and of super-symmetry as fictitious if described as such limited fields in our rigidly familiar views or even as completely cloudy random views. String theory (to use the word loosely, includes branes etc.) is thought to be a needed generalization of quantum theory. But as the innate ability of we humans to relate to the general laws of nature and to our own evolved structures, in the rant posted here of yesterday on a crackpot vision of the multiplicity of time on the earth (all the general conflict of poles and spinning poles and monopoles) we on some level, as if a sort of fictional intelligibility as good as fact- may very well question the vague generalization of the higher rotations and spins that require really any such string concept in symmetry greater than three or possibly four space. What is left of such string phases from there to any sort of limit or singularity but something that remains as questionable as such disembodied string theories or as Kea calls them "fairy fields."? Of course as the positional code which is the simplified quasic grid makes clear it is a matter of clearing up our further facts and scientific conclusions even from experiments of a more general or new physics of which the evidence can be in theory interpreted out of the running to the extent the mystics can falsely put their agendas into the evidence and control of the information and data for the gullible, in the running.

So the question of such singularities or half-singularities or complexes of them as the nature of the unknown, unseen, and the vacuum is also a cultural question as to what we are and how we think and how the world will turn out at least technically.

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Ulla sent me this link Here... looks to me like my speculations on the layers of graphene and the Casmir effects were not so far fetched after all :-)

Note the date jan. 31 on this pdf paper and my post of jan. 30 here- but also the lens aspect of things came early in this blog as also I imagine the years of preparation for such research and time for formal publication of which we do not have it seems clear awareness even in this age of rapid communication our independent researches. A time-line I suggest in above would go far in the learning of physics and would speed up what new areas we could then imagine.

BTW, I did get two songs down in the music at least...

Also this on the sciencedaily today which comes closer to my view and simple dabbling with the oil in alcohol and water simple experiment (only the ring is a bulge in that area of switching such that the dark or noir objects can become creative in the star producing sense... QED so perhaps these simple science fair demonstrations are not so simple after all- provided we can trust the intelligibility of computer simulations--- or at least know why we can.

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