Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Year of the Dragon, Neptune, & New Science

Year of the Dragon, Neptune, & New Science L. Edgar Otto

I had something post but the computer will not accept wps. I working off-line for awhile.

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Access back- This was the original posting intended:

Lampion 02.07.12 Beyond Structural Arts for the String Theory L. Edgar Otto

So, with administrative access to the computer I find so many things I can do with it. For one thing there is a history going back a few years of all the downloaded photos, graphics, and copies of texts. It is much easier to combine all the earlier graphics and I rapidly made a dozen at this optimal resolution. I feel a little behind the technology- wanting to see the heart of how it works close to the assembly code and pixels but some of these programs for other things could be useful for mathematical projects.

But from the Philosophy of it all I see my growth since my blog-spot posting, a torrent of ideas and information the same symbols or metaphors repeated even if not clearly in a new context and needed coined working words where just another color for the same idea. I also noticed it in the development over the same time like by bogglers I have encountered here and saw in this matter of communication of their ideas the also seem to be saying things in quite familiar metaphors with ideas not as clear as the style or interpretation of their language. But do we want light that magically enlightens us or do we want the discussion of the hard philosophy and facts.. Let us hope we make more progress within ourselves and to others- even the general public to take to heart not be convinced vaguely.

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