Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lampion J : The Depths of Tau Triality Layering

Lampion J : The Depths of Tau Triality Layering

L. Edgar Otto 29 February, 2012

In our natural space as if three dimensional we could say that reality is at least nine but we only see a third of them smoothly and at a time.

Just as we imagine gluons as nine colors and reduce them to a unit quasic initial pixel to exclude one in chromatic space theory, in the nine dimensional bi-chromatic triality the set of three act as if a unit pixel were we remove nine out of the 15 plus 1 on that structural level and the can be in a sense a generalization of the idea of generations of the particle flavors to super symmetry.

{ Added next day: This gives a hint of explanations for three problems at the foundations of the standard theory. The reason we see thirds of charges and that the defining of this can be expressed two ways, unity on one level or as three's; the weight in general of what we think of as dark matter, eight times in the influential background of the hidden; and that when we are centered in a triality singularity such as this, with the abstract transitivity of spatial orientations, these neutral and combined contiguous dimensions resolve to the physicality we know as three space when foundational which goes far to show where the quantum depths as a nonnecessary reality meets the possibility of Newtonian collapsing in what is really quasically equivalent views.

Here we begin to see that higher forms of numbers can also relate to combinatorial systems in the span and depths of super symmetry on which to establish models which by the way are quite beyond the string theories.}

These "optical illusions" at least from the standpoint of psychology are generally considered tricks of our perception or caused by some limits of our evolved organs of the senses. Many prefer to keep these ideas abstract and hidden rather than awaken to a wider view of space in the world.

Or should I say, that at some range in time as our minds awaken and development we first play with the objects around us and decide how we are to view space. This seems to me an innate faculty of which if the world has a certain unity in its chaos we should not be that surprised even if it is obvious.

But existing in the sense it is a progressive and balanced sense of time and its direction sets unique moments of opportunity in which we are adaptable to the core words and concepts of counting and language, wherein we can be fluent in a native tongue or in a universal collective baby talk or in secret languages between close siblings, where we can set limited directions in the awakening of choices even imagine more than what an artist sees when it is there only in his artistic eye or that we can draw a human face or anything such as with the savants- who by the way with other bases close to the fundamental way to see language and nature can do vast computations in the surreal binary memory.

This passing thought came to me thinking about my drawing close to the logic of primitive programs so I do not know if there is an influence of this. I know that for whatever reason the numbers and programming come closer together as with my general take on ideas I have slowly developed- and done so as much with an inadequate approach as the height of what I have found in parts- a joy of awakening and a sadness that so much of my life has been without such expertise and light. Somewhere in this awakening I remain between what is the chance and what is the necessity yet
of these things my core views, my creative intuitions and philosophy has withstood what may have made crumble another soul.

But all in all the height, the depth, the width, the breath, and the view that beckons into the immense checky shores on which I thought of cosmology on one hand and the sea side house where Dickens wrote in Norwich then wrote my equation in the sand, the North Sea life in winter sparse so I could think about the broken shells with one, two and rarer holes worn in them. I stood a moment thinking, but no one will see it when the tides and waves washes it away. At that moment I realized I had seen it and felt justified pride that this is what we can do as humans.

The quality of time with its restrictions weighs heavily as things change so much, the people changing around me and living on different clocks with different purposes, their faith and expectations for their chosen roles, a few that vanish at what can certainly be too soon before hand for their time.

But somewhere along the way I awaken to the realization that I have valued most the people I have met of vast variegated differences and description - and I did not forget them, and I am still with them as if the moment lives, in real life as we say and a few in the virtual world, but this is hard to see while in the business of living and the exponential noise and din of voices speaking to each other or out to the world lost in the immensity of the prairie wind. This too the sense of how it was to live in former times and what we can expect of our kind in the near future. In the finding of my self in its tragedy and comedy the drama has also found others to which I have always treated as I have with my children more important than theories.

Oh, this has been but hints, messy and informal, but I hope that if you can see and it a benefit to your knowing, you will fill in the blanks, correct the mistakes in the details, with the hope as this too one day will fade into our primitive first dreams of science and philosophy you walk with me again, exchange and respect idea over a cup of coffee, put on a show of which I was not your director, that your life, and that you can know in innocence again what others mean and what it means in this time like none to come before or after, as this should be your time and era, equal to life in it, that we again value each other in the procession to what is beyond the unknown mountains and virgin forests and new frontiers without fear, or to home again.

* * * * *

{Footnote: Probably because things have been quite enough that I can take a good look, off line, at this computer, I have gone way beyond my record for the number of posting in this blog - and thank you Google for you indulgences. For March I always say things will slow down awhile but they never do so far, but I know more what have to do now and what I can do if I am to continue the presence on the web to finally do some of the things I have wanted to. In the end our virtual dialog may make a difference, and it for practical purposes does seem to be a sort of mind of its own- but then we should expect as much if the world has intelligible design.}

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