Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The 3D Limits of l Layered Printing

The 3D Limits of l
Layered Printing
L. Edgar Otto

Intuitively we tend to regard an atom as what we experience in the familiar world as three dimensions.

Of course the situation is discrete as is the question. But from the view of the continuous we exclude solutions involving powers of phi that would be a lesser dimension for a solution.

So the minimum 3D structure that can be assembled but not printed would be "Graphene" if we can do this with carbon.

So what then is the maximum object that cannot be printed in layers? That would be Tellurium (52), by what I call Kea's Theorem involving dark or Casmir forces.

But should we find and control the Higgs in this marvelous new era of the search for it in physics we could I imagine use it to catalyze some higher elements if it did not break down into Xenon.

But Teflon turns out to be unhealthy for us as it gets sticky with age and heat and we ingest it along with other chemical properties we did not expect in this marvelous age of technology.

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[Footnote: This posted to Gibbs comments and I decided to make it a general post.]

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