Friday, February 3, 2012

Lampions (Bits of Wisdom) Continued Updates

Lampions (Bits of Wisdom) Continued Updates to keep in touch with Pe Sla blog updates. These will be labeled by the date as in Lampion 02.02.12.A L. Edgar Otto 02-03-12 Such updates may not always carry a photo or figure beyond the text. So the blog continues but as a slower pace. (At least that is my plan for the moment.)

Lampion 02.02.12a - From the quasi-continuous view meaning and information are conjugate or even can be interchanged. The question then of interpretations of quantum theory in relation to consciousness applies. Consciousness can seem to impel or delay the physical processes that in effect our desire and actions for enquirey and knowing, driven to accumulate stuff or experience purpose as meaningful, makes us the "mediators" between such contemplative general plane and sphereical objects- Thus in the unities we find where information and meaning so relate- we as humans are theorist's including renewals and desire to replicate- but not necessarily to incorporate false entropy's.

Lampion 02.02.12b - I find suggestive patterns in the attempt to relate the periodic table and the chemical properties to the Sudoku trialities (as if the filling of the electron shells regardless of the irregularities of the configuration due to heat- but cannot get beyond the very suggestive but replete numerology's. In a sense the quasic patterns over 512 bi-regions repeat these properties as if there is at least an abstract supersymmetric "kernel" even on the level of the QED. Tricornered physics suggest further there are mass spaces, gender number spaces, and the quasic centers in the three physics mapped into powers of three over so many generations. Such concepts may be what we structurally mean by time-like dimensions but in a more general way. Beyond atomic number Z=5 to z=54 the Z number summing to 120 from He is divisible by 3. 2, 10, 9, 18, 27, 43, 59. In what time-like sense can the Z number exceed Unbinilium (120) for the sum of all these numbers is 256. In a deep sense there can be 40 abstract 5space kernel objects in filling the totality- but I am not sure what the role of these are as field or particle if they so exist. In a theoretical sense one could imagine of the tricornered physics they have imaginary counter parts. But it is not clear how in compatification we can say we slice 6 space into two three space hidden dimensions as a solid physical principle of space and the vacuum.

Lampion 02.02.12c - It would be quite interesting, for (nano?) technology to relate the graphene layers (aromatically) to the doping (aromatically) one also finds in the cage of Buckyballs...

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As it was on today's (not as short as I thought) topic I post here because of Pitkanens lampion on p-adics and consciousness Here the following comment:


In formulas involve the natural log we have a limit of the accuracy in the computation of the tables and level of error. In a sense this is not a simple idea of limit.

In the ideal or absolute case I see your point on the utility of this for to ground consciousness as it say relates to QED from on view. We in the low dimensions and harmonics can sometimes go beyond the bounds that confines the primes and ignore this in the higher reaches and deeper accuracies.

For me, errors, noise, so on... is the general idea of meaning and information being conjugate (more of one less than the other) as the practical use by Shannon in signal transmission over noise and the entropy of natural communications (initial letters and so on). But I am a bit more radical than that in that from a higher view of things information (data) and meaning (purpose) can be interchanged.

The PeSla

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